C++20 for Programmers, 3rd Edition

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C++20 for Programmers, 3rd Edition

By Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel
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The C++ programming language is popular for developing systems software, embedded systems, operating systems, real-time systems, games, communications systems and other high-performance computer applications. C++20 for Programmers is an introductory-through-intermediate-level, tutorial presentation of Modern C++, which consists of the four most recent C++ standardsC++11, C++14, C++17 and C++20.

Written for programmers with a background in another high-level language, C++20 for Programmers applies the Deitel signature live-code approach to teaching Modern C++ and explores the C++20 language and libraries in depth. The book presents concepts in fully tested programs, complete with code walkthroughs, syntax coloring, code highlighting and program outputs. It features hundreds of complete C++20 programs with thousands of lines of proven code, and hundreds of software-development tips with a special focus on performance and security, that will help you build robust applications.

Start with C++ fundamentals and the Deitels classic treatment of object-oriented programmingclasses, inheritance, polymorphism, operator overloading and exception handling. Then discover additional topics, including:
  • Functional-style programming and lambdas
  • Concurrency and parallelism for optimal multi-core and big data performance
  • The Standard Template Librarys containers, iterators and algorithms upgraded to C++20
  • Text files, CSV files, JSON serialisation
  • Defining custom function templates and class templates
Table of contents
  • Part 1: C++ Fundamentals Quickstart
  • 1. Introduction and Test-Driving a C++ Application
  • 2. Introduction to C++ Programming
  • 3. Control Statements, Part 1; Intro to C++20 Text Formatting
  • 4. Control Statements, Part 2
  • 5. Functions
  • Part 2: Arrays, Pointers, Strings and Files
  • 6. Arrays, Vectors, C++20 Ranges and Functional-Style Programming
  • 7. (Downplaying) Pointers in Modern C++
  • 8. Strings, Regular Expressions and Files
  • Part 3: Object-Oriented Programming
  • 9. Classes
  • 10. Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • 11. Operator Overloading
  • 12. Exceptions: A Deeper Look
  • Part 4: Standard Library Containers, Iterators and Algorithms
  • 13. Standard Library Containers and Iterators
  • 14. Standard Library Algorithms; Functional Programming: A Deeper Look
  • Part 5: Advanced Topics
  • 15. Intro to C++20 Modules
  • 16. Intro to Custom Templates and C++20 Concepts
  • 17. Concurrent Programming; Intro to C++20 Coroutines
  • Part 5: Other Topics
  • 18. Stream I/O; C++20 Text Formatting: A Deeper Look
  • 19. Other Topics; A Look Toward C++23 and Contracts
  • Part 6: Appendices
  • A. Operator Precedence and Grouping
  • B. Character Set
  • C. Fundamental Types
  • D. Number Systems
  • E. Preprocessor
  • F. Bits, Characters, C Strings and structs
  • G. C Legacy Code Topics
  • H. Using the Visual Studio Debugger
  • I. Using the GNU C++ Debugger
  • J. Using the Xcode Debugger