Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 2nd Edition

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Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 2nd Edition

By David Greenhalgh, Josh Skeen
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Kotlin is a statically typed programming language designed to interoperate with Java and fully supported by Google on the Android operating system.

Based on Big Nerd Ranchs popular Kotlin Essentials course, and written for Kotlin 1.4, this guide shows you how to work effectively with the Kotlin programming language through hands-on examples and clear explanations of key Kotlin concepts and foundational APIs.

Whether you are an experienced Android developer looking for modern features beyond what Java offers or a new developer ready to learn your first programming language, the authors will guide you from first principles to advanced usage of Kotlin. By the end of this book, you will be empowered to create reliable, concise applications in Kotlin.
Table of contents
  • Introducing Kotlin
  • Your First Kotlin Application
  • Variables, Constants, and Types
  • Conditionals
  • Functions
  • Anonymous Functions and the Function Type
  • Null Safety and Exceptions
  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • Scope Functions
  • Lists and Sets
  • Maps
  • Defining Classes
  • Initialization
  • Inheritance
  • Objects
  • Interfaces and Abstract Classes
  • Generics
  • Extensions
  • Functional Programming Basics
  • Java Interoperability
  • Server-side Kotlin with Ktor
  • Introduction to Coroutines
  • Coroutines and Shared Mutable State
  • Channels and Flows
  • Kotlin Multiplatform