My iPad for Seniors, 8th Edition

Michael Miller

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My iPad for Seniors, 8th Edition

By Michael Miller
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Michael Miller
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Covers All iPads Running iPadOS 14

Easy, clear, readable, and focused on what you want to do. Full-colour, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iPad working just the way you want.

Learn how to
  • Discover all the new features of iPadOS 14
  • Wirelessly connect to and browse the Internet, at home or away
  • Personalise the way your iPad looks and works--including Dark Mode
  • Make your iPad easier to use if you have trouble seeing or tapping the screen
  • Use Siri voice commands to control your iPad and find useful information
  • Communicate with friends and family via email, text messaging, and FaceTime and Zoom video chats
  • Shoot, share, and view photos and videos
  • Listen to streaming music and watch streaming movies and TV shows online
  • Connect and use the Apple Pencil, external keyboards, trackpads, and mice
  • Use iCloud to store and share your photos and other important data online
  • Troubleshoot common iPad problems
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: Buying and Unboxing Your iPad
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started with Your iPad
  • Chapter 3: Personalizing the Way Your iPad Looks and Works
  • Chapter 4: Making Your iPad More Accessible
  • Chapter 5: Connecting to the Internet and Browsing the Web
  • Chapter 6: Keeping Your iPad Safe and Secure
  • Chapter 7: Controlling Your iPad--and More--with Siri
  • Chapter 8: Installing and Using Apps
  • Chapter 9: Sending and Receiving Email
  • Chapter 10: Managing Your Contacts
  • Chapter 11: Video Chatting and Texting
  • Chapter 12: Getting Social with Facebook, Pinterest, and Other Social Networks
  • Chapter 13: Staying Organized with Calendar and Reminders
  • Chapter 14: Reading eBooks, Magazines, and Newspapers
  • Chapter 15: Shooting, Editing, and Sharing Photos and Videos
  • Chapter 16: Listening to Music
  • Chapter 17: Watching TV Shows, Movies, and Other Videos
  • Chapter 18: Controlling Your Smart Home
  • Chapter 19: Traveling with Maps and Other Travel Apps
  • Chapter 20: Keeping Fit and Healthy
  • Chapter 21: Getting Productive
  • Chapter 22: Using Pencils, Keyboards, and Trackpads
  • Chapter 23: Playing Games
  • Chapter 24: Managing Files on Your iPad and in the Cloud
  • Chapter 25: Fixing Common Problems
  • Glossary

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