Retrospectives Antipatterns eBook

Aino Vonge Corry

Retrospectives Antipatterns eBook

By Aino Vonge Corry
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Aino Vonge Corry
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Retrospectives are indispensable for continuous learning and improvement in Lean, Agile, DevOps, and other contexts, but most of us have suffered through at least one retrospective that was a waste of time, or worse. Now, leading agile coach Aino Vonge Corry identifies 24 reasons that retrospectives fail and shows how to overcome each of them.

Using the familiar patterns approach, Retrospectives Antipatterns introduces antipatterns related to structure, planning, people, distributed teams, and more. Corry shares traps shes encountered and mistakes shes made over more than a decade of leading retrospectives and then presents proven solutions. With her insights and guidance, you can run enjoyable retrospectives that deliver concrete improvements and real value--or at the very least recognise when you are making the same mistake as the author!
  • Create a common language, actionable solutions, and proven plans for solving the retrospective problems youll encounter most often
  • Recognise symptoms, assess tradeoffs, and refactor your current situation into something better
  • Plan more effectively: decide who should attend and facilitate, when to schedule your retrospective, and how much time to set aside
  • Handle people problems: deal with negativity, silence, distrust, disillusionment, loudmouths, and cultural differences
  • Facilitate better virtual retrospectives, with tips for online retrospectives included in each antipattern

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Table of contents
  • Part I: Structural Antipatterns
  • Chapter 1: Wheel of Fortune
  • Chapter 2: Prime Directive Ignorance
  • Chapter 3: In the Soup
  • Chapter 4: Overtime
  • Chapter 5: Small Talk
  • Chapter 6: Unfruitful Democracy
  • Chapter 7: Nothing to Talk About
  • Chapter 8: Political Vote
  • Part II: Planning Antipatterns
  • Chapter 9: Team, Really?
  • Chapter 10: Do It Yourself
  • Chapter 11: Death by Postponement
  • Chapter 12: Get It Over With
  • Chapter 13: Disregard for Preparation
  • Chapter 14: Suffocating
  • Chapter 15: Curious Manager
  • Chapter 16: Peek-A-Boo
  • Part III: People Antipatterns
  • Chapter 17: Disillusioned Facilitator
  • Chapter 18: Loudmouth
  • Chapter 19: Silent One
  • Chapter 20: Negative One
  • Chapter 21: Negative Team
  • Chapter 22: Lack of Trust
  • Chapter 23: Different Cultures
  • Chapter 24: Dead Silence
  • Conclusion