The Type Project eBook

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The Type Project eBook

By Nigel French, Hugh D'Andrade
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Whether youre a seasoned pro looking to brush up your portfolio, or a novice with a laptop full of design software you havent yet mastered, this book has you covered. In dozens of projects, the authors guide you through the nitty-gritty details of book design, magazine layout, poster production, and all manner of print projects, from start to finish. The Type Project Book is loaded with tips and insider knowledge that will help you hone your design skills, deepen your type knowledge, and nerd out on the history of graphic design.

Each section is a deep dive into real-world design projects from working designers: a cookbook; a letterpress gig poster; an animated web banner; an infographic; even the humble business card is explored. Along the way, wisdom is offered, tips and time-saving tricks are shared, the secrets of working graphic designers are revealed all with the requisite doses of wit one expects from seasoned professionals with decades of experience.
  • A wide variety of typography-focused projects ranging from a single letter to a book of several hundred pages
  • An understanding of the design principles involved in creating impactful graphic design
  • Immersion into the wider world of type and lettering and its use for artistic expression
  • Tips and techniques for the most efficient working practices

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Table of contents
  • 1 Pastiche
  • 2 Short Text
  • 3 Longer Text
  • 4 Typographic Portraits
  • 5 Type as Image
  • Index of Typefaces