Corporate Governance Matters, 3rd Edition

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Corporate Governance Matters, 3rd Edition

By David Larcker, Brian Tayan
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Corporate Governance Matters, 3rd Edition gives corporate board members, officers, directors, and other stakeholders all the knowledge they need to implement and sustain superior governance in today’s challenging business environments. Authored by two leading experts, it fully addresses every component of governance, reflecting the latest trends and statistics. Updated throughout, it carefully synthesises current academic and professional research, summarising what is known, what is unknown, and where the evidence remains inconclusive.

Coverage includes: international corporate governance; equity ownership; incentives; labor markets for CEOs; board structures; linkages to organisational strategy and business models; risk management, succession planning, financial reporting and external audit; governance ratings; and alternative corporate governance structures, including family-controlled businesses, nonprofits, private equity, and venture capital. This edition includes expanded coverage of many core and emerging issues, including:

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Board effectiveness
  • CEO succession
  • CEO compensation
  • Cybersecurity and risk
  • Shareholder activism, and more
Table of contents
  • 1. Introduction to Corporate Governance
  • 2. International Corporate Governance
  • 3. Board of Directors: Duties and Liability
  • 4. Board of Directors: Selection, Compensation, and Removal
  • 5. Board of Directors: Structure and Consequences
  • 6. Strategy, Performance Measurement, and Risk Management
  • 7. Labor Market for Executives and CEO Succession Planning
  • 8. Executive Compensation and Incentives
  • 9. Executive Equity Ownership
  • 10. Financial Reporting and External Audit
  • 11. The Market for Corporate Control
  • 12. Institutional Shareholders and Activist Investors
  • 13. Corporate Governance Ratings
  • 14. Alternative Models of Governance
  • 15. Summary and Conclusions