MOS Study Guide for Microsoft Word Exam MO-100 eBook

By Joan Lambert

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    Advance your everyday proficiency with Word 2019, and earn the credential that proves it! Demonstrate your expertise with Microsoft Word! Designed to help you practice and prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Word 2019 Core certification, this official Study Guide delivers:
    • In-depth preparation for each MOS objective
    • Detailed procedures to help build the skills measured by the exam
    • Hands-on tasks to practice what you’ve learned
    • Ready-made practice files
    • Solution files for the practice tasks
    • Sharpen the skills measured by these objectives:
    • Create and manage documents
    • Insert and format text, paragraphs, and sections
    • Manage tables and lists
    • Create and manage references
    • Insert and format graphic elements
    • Manage document collaboration

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    Pearson Higher Ed USA
    Table of contents
    • 1 Manage documents
    • Objective 1.1: Navigate within documents
    • Objective 1.2: Format documents
    • Objective 1.3: Save and share documents
    • Objective 1.4: Inspect documents for issues
    • 2 Insert and format text, paragraphs, and sections
    • Objective 2.1: Insert text and paragraphs
    • Objective 2.2: Format text and paragraphs
    • Objective 2.3: Create and configure document sections
    • 3 Create and modify tables
    • Objective 3.1: Create tables
    • Objective 3.2: Modify tables
    • Objective 3.3: Create and modify lists
    • 4 Create and manage references
    • Objective 4.1: Create and manage reference elements
    • Objective 4.2: Create and manage reference tables
    • 5 Insert and format graphic elements
    • Objective 5.1: Insert illustrations and text boxes
    • Objective 5.2: Format illustrations and text boxes
    • Objective 5.3: Add text to graphic elements
    • Objective 5.4: Modify graphic elements
    • 6 Manage document collaboration
    • Objective 6.1: Add and manage comments
    • Objective 6.2: Manage change tracking