The Hidden Power of Photoshop: Mastering Blend Modes and Adjustment Layers for Photography eBook

Scott Valentine

The Hidden Power of Photoshop: Mastering Blend Modes and Adjustment Layers for Photography eBook

By Scott Valentine
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Scott Valentine
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Adobe Photoshop holds an incredible amount of power, which is sometimes locked behind a dizzying array of features and tools. Scott Valentine not only shows you the keys to unlocking that power, he also demonstrates how the keys work. You will get hands-on experience with experiments and examples as you explore new techniques for editing your images.

Written for both professionals and hobbyists, this book presents essential techniques and discusses when and how to try innovative solutions. By focusing on two core capabilities blending modes and adjustment layersyou will discover how Photoshop gives you deep control over your images to address some of photographys most challenging problems. Photoshop users of all levels will find clear explanations and step-by-step procedures for expert techniques. Advanced users will enjoy exploring new ideas that can inform their own workflow. Through richly illustrated examples with clear explanations, The Hidden Power of Adobe Photoshop teaches you:
  • Multiple approaches to problem solving and creative exploration
  • How to see your images as data that you can control
  • Underlying principles that drive industrial-strength techniques
  • Instructions for building your own Photoshop experiment files

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Table of contents
  • Part 1: The Core Tools - Blending Modes and Adjustment Layers
  • 1. Introduction to How Photoshop 'Sees' Your Image
  • 2. Adjustment Layers
  • 3. Blending Modes
  • Part 2: Recipes
  • Section 1: General Corrections
  • Section 2: Targeted Corrections and Enhancements
  • Section 3: Effects and Finishing
  • Section 4: Project Examples
  • Part 3: Reference