Implementing Cisco Hyperflex Solutions eBook, 3rd Edition

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Implementing Cisco Hyperflex Solutions eBook, 3rd Edition

By Jalpa Patel, Manuel Velasco, Avinash Shuklav
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Jalpa Patel all
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Cisco HyperFlex solutions enhance data center efficiency, agility, and resiliency by tightly integrating core infrastructure (compute, storage, networking, and system management), increasing automation, and simplifying lifecycle management. This authoritative, comprehensive guide brings together knowledge, detailed configuration options, and real-world case studies for successfully deploying Cisco HyperFlex technologies in environments of all types.

Three expert authors present easy-to-understand overviews of key Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) concepts, show how HyperFlex technologies apply them, and present detailed reference examples with topologies, configurations, and verifications for each major feature. Drawing on extensive experience helping Cisco customers adopt HyperFlex, they present best practices for optimising design, streamlining deployment, avoiding pitfalls, and maximising value.

This guide will be indispensable to every IT and network professional, manager, or consultant involved in planning, deploying, or operating Cisco HyperFlex or evaluating any HCI solution. Reflecting current trends in HCI deployment, it will be valuable in both small-scale environments and large-scale data centers.
  • Explore how and why data centers have evolved from traditional to converged and hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Review the essentials of HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure connectivity
  • Understand HyperFlex Data Platform architecture, components, topologies, and supported hardware
  • Compare HyperFlex standard, stretch, and edge clusters, and understand their respective roles
  • Install and deploy each type of Cisco HyperFlex cluster, including preparation, prerequisites, and components
  • Manage HyperFlex via HyperFlex Connect: HX storage cluster status, components, encryption, replication, and more
  • Maintain HyperFlex: clustering, virtual machine management, native snapshots, ReadyClones, and more
  • Scale HyperFlex clusters, replace hardware, and upgrade software
  • Configure and manage advanced HyperFlex Data Platform disaster recovery features
  • Integrate supported third-party data protection solutions, including Veeam Availability Suite, Cohesity, and Commvault
  • Utilise the cloud-based Cisco Intersight platform to deploy HyperFlexAnywhere, including edge and standard clusters

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Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Overview of Data Center Products
  • Chapter 2 HyperFlex Architecture
  • Chapter 3 Installing HyperFlex
  • Chapter 4 Managing HyperFlex
  • Chapter 5 Maintaining HyperFlex
  • Chapter 6 Managing Advanced Features
  • Chapter 7 Deploying HyperFlex Anywhere with Intersight