Containers in Cisco IOS-XE, IOS-XR, and NX-OS-XR

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Containers in Cisco IOS-XE, IOS-XR, and NX-OS-XR

By Yogesh Ramdoss, Nagendra Kumar Nainar
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Yogesh Ramdoss all
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Cisco architectures offer comprehensive compute virtualisation capabilities to accommodate both native and third-party container hosting, so you can containerise and instantiate any application or network service and gain unprecedented value from your networks.

Direct from Cisco, this is the complete guide to deploying and operating containerised application and network services on Cisco platforms. First, the authors review essential virtualisation and containerisation concepts for all network professionals and introduce leading orchestration tools. Next, they take a deep dive into container networking, introducing Cisco architectural support for container infrastructures. Youll find modular coverage of configuration, activation,orchestration, operations, and application hosting for each key Cisco software platform: IOS-XE, IOS-XR, and NX-OS.

The authors explore diverse orchestration tools, including LXC,Docker, and Kubernetes, and cover both Cisco and open-source tools for building and testing applications. They conclude with multiple use cases that show how containerisation can improve agility and efficiency in a wide range of network environments.
  • Review the motivation, drivers, and concepts of computing virtualisation
  • Learn how Cisco platforms are achieving infrastructure virtualisation
  • Explore the Cisco reference model for developing cloud-native services and moving to cloud-native network functions
  • Master Cisco container networking fundamentals, supported modes, and configuration
  • Enable,install, activate, and orchestrate containerised applications in Cisco IOS-XE,IOS-XR, and NX-OS
  • Compare tools and methods for developing, testing, hosting, and orchestrating containerised applications
  • Discover real-world use cases for Day-0, Day-1, and Day-2 operations, with practical deployment examples
  • Preview merging trends in network containerisation
Table of contents
  • Part I: Virtualization and Containers
  • 1. Introduction to Virtualization
  • 2. Virtualization and Cisco
  • 3. Container Orchestration and Management
  • 4. Container Networking Concepts
  • Part II: Container Deployment and Operation in Cisco Products
  • 5. Container Orchestration in Cisco IOS-XE Platforms
  • 6. Container Orchestration in Cisco IOS-XR Platforms
  • 7. Container Orchestration in Cisco NX-OS Platforms
  • 8. Developer Tools and Resources
  • 9. Container Deployment Use Cases
  • 10. Chapter 10 Current NFV Offering and Future Trends in Containers