Fun with Grammar: Communicative Activities for the Azar Grammar Series

Suzanne W. Woodward

Fun with Grammar: Communicative Activities for the Azar Grammar Series

By Suzanne W. Woodward
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Suzanne W. Woodward
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Fun with Grammar is an exciting teacher's resource book that adds a whole new dimension of fun to grammar classes! More than 200 communicative, interactive, task-based games, can be used in the classroom to make learning grammar fun. These activity ideas — contributed by grammar and ESL teachers — are all classroom-tested, student approved, and complete with step-by-step instructions. All activities are keyed to the three levels of the Azar Grammar Series Red for Beginning, Black for Intermediate,  Blue for Advanced — and have time allocations so teachers can choose those that fit their class needs.

Table of contents

(NOTE: All chapters except Chapter 16 conclude with Worksheets.)

  1. Verbs — Present. Simple Present. Nonprogressives. Present Progressive.
  2. Verbs — Past. Simple Past. Irregular Past Forms. Past Progressive. Present Perfect. Past Perfect. Past Review.
  3. Verbs — Future. Predictions. Willingness. Prior Plan. Predictions, Prior Plans, or Willingness. Future in Time Clauses. Future in Time Clauses. Future Progressive and Future Time Clauses. Future Perfect.
  4. Verbs — Review. Review of Perfect Tenses. Review of All Verb Forms.
  5. Questions. — Yes/No Questions. Information Questions. Information Questions and/or Yes/No Questions. Tag Questions.
  6. Nouns. Singular — Plural. Nouns and Adjectives. Agreement. Count — Noncount Nouns. Articles.
  7. Pronouns.
  8. Prepositions — Prepositions of Time and Place. Phrasal Verbs.
  9. Adjectives — Identifying Adjectives. Adjectives in Sentence Context.
  10. Modals — Past Progressive Modals. Review.
  11. Passive Voice — Participial Adjectives.
  12. Gerunds and Infinitives — Preposition Combinations. Infinitives with Too/Enough. Gerunds as Subject/It +Infinitive. Verb = Infinitive or Gerund. Gerund or Infinitive?
  13. Comparatives and Superlatives — Comparatives. Superlatives. Review.
  14. Relationships Between Ideas — Parallelism. Joining Ideas.
  15. Clauses — Adverb. Adjective. Noun. Review.
  16. Conditional and Wishes — True in the Present/Future. Untrue in the Present. Untrue in the Past. Mixed Conditionals. Reviewing the Conditional Forms. Answer Key. Lyrics.