Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators

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Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators

By Stuart Shanker, Susan Hopkins
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Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators details how four models, or streams, of self-regulation environments develop in our classrooms and schools. Each stream is outlined with practical tools and strategies you can use to enhance your classroom so that it reflects and embodies the theory and practice of self-regulation for the benefit of all—you, your students, parents, and the community at large.

This includes:
  • a description of each stream—What does it look like? sound like? feel like?
  • scenarios based on real classrooms and real teachers that exemplify the stream
  • an easy-to-implement model that can be used with students, parents, and other practitioners, along with application tips
  • stories from the field, written by practising educators, that explore one or more stream characteristics
  • strategies to help you begin or extend the stream in your classroom
  • an additional chapter that features three expert contributors--Drs. Jean Clinton, Gerard Costa and Heather Yang writing on anxiety, autism, and ADHD
  • an accompanying website that features videos, line masters and additional hands-on support
An overview of the 7 chapters:
  • Chapter 1 reviews Self-Reg and the science behind it
  • Chapter 2 reviews the framework (five-domain model, five-practice method)
  • Chapter 3 to 6 outline 4 streams or journeys that a class or school can take to implement SR (each of these chapters Include indicators teachers and principals can use to assess readiness, tools, strategies, scenarios, stories from the field)
  • Chapter 7 addresses three common conditions teachers face in classrooms: anxiety, autism, ADHD, written by guest contributors (Drs. Jean Clinton—anxiety, Gerard Costa—autism, Heather Yang—ADHD)
Table of contents
  • CHAPTER 1: What Is Self-Regulation?
  • CHAPTER 2: The Self-Reg Framework
  • CHAPTER 3: The Seeds Self-Reg Stream
  • CHAPTER 4: The Sunrise Self-Reg Stream
  • CHAPTER 5: The Quilt Self-Reg Stream
  • CHAPTER 6: The Haven Self-Reg Stream
  • CHAPTER 7: In Self-Reg Schools, All Means All