Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect eBook, 10th Edition

Cynthia Crosson-Tower

Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect eBook, 10th Edition

By Cynthia Crosson-Tower
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Cynthia Crosson-Tower
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For courses in child welfare.

A comprehensive look at child maltreatment Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect presents an all-encompassing view of child maltreatment, in its various guises, from symptoms of abuse and neglect to motivations of those who abuse and neglect children, as well as how the social services system intervenes. Upon completing this book, readers will be able to: familiarise themselves with the full range of services for children; understand the effect that various services will have on children and families; and have a sense of what it is like to serve children in various agency settings.

Updated throughout to reflect current research and practices, the 10th Edition prepares future professionals to better intervene and treat at-risk children and families. Topics are presented in a clearer manner with reorganised chapters and a more in-depth look at collaborative intervention and case management. Additional information is included on neuroscience; working with families from diverse cultural backgrounds; sex trafficking; and more. A new CSWE’s Core Competencies and Practice Behavior Examples grid, new learning objectives, and updated end-of-chapter activities help students focus their reading and retain important concepts.

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Table of contents
  • The Maltreatment of Children Then and Now
  • The Family: Roles, Responsibilities, and Rights
  • Trauma and the Developing Child
  • The Neglect of Children
  • The Physical Abuse of Children
  • The Sexual Abuse of Children
  • Intrafamilial Abuse
  • Extrafamilial Sexual Abuse, Misuse, and Exploitation
  • Psychological Maltreatment of Children
  • Intervention: Reporting, Investigation and Assessment
  • Collaborative Intervention and Case Management
  • The Legal Response to Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Case Management and Treatment of Physical Abuse and Neglect
  • Treatment of Sexual Abuse
  • Foster Care for Abused and Neglected Children
  • Adults Abused as Children
  • Working in Child Protection and Prevention