Understanding Human Differences: Multicultural Education for a Diverse America eBook, 6th Edition

Kent L. Koppelman

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Understanding Human Differences: Multicultural Education for a Diverse America eBook, 6th Edition

By Kent L. Koppelman
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Kent L. Koppelman
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Appropriate for courses in multicultural education.

A clear, engaging look at the most critical issues of diversity in the 21st century, focusing on the interactions and intersections between culture, the individual, and institutions

Understanding Human Differences employs a stimulating inquiry approach to engage students in discussing and debating the most critical issues of diversity in America. Grounded in research from the behavioural and social sciences – including education, psychology, sociology, history, biology, anthropology, women’s studies, and ethnic studies – this book uses a question-and-answer format to bring the topics and issues to life. The conceptual framework for the book examines issues from cultural, individual, and institutional perspectives. The last section of the book focuses on changes already achieved or that need to be implemented in schools and other areas of society to create a more just society.

The 6th Edition is thoroughly updated to keep readers aware of new factors impacting ongoing issues of diversity as well as emerging new issues. New content and coverage includes: updated information on the consequences of racial profiling (Ch. 8); new content on current immigration issues including the need for K-12 schools to prepare immigrant youth for college, the increased fears of deportation, and immigrant contributions to the urban economy (Ch. 4); and updated and expanded information on LGBT civil rights (Ch. 11.)

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  • Actively involve students in learning, understanding, and applying the issues of diversity through a clear-cut presentation and an inquiry approach.
  • The Vega conceptual framework organises the content into sections covering cultural, individual, and institutional behaviour for ease of learning.
  • The inquiry approach encourages student discussion and debate on the issues, while making the topics relevant and understandable.
  • End-of-chapter discussion activities include both analytical and open-ended questions, all stemming from issues presented in the chapter.
  • Present issues of critical importance to understanding diversity in the U.S. today.
  • New content on how American Indians are portrayed in K–-12 curricula (Chapter 5); on research on the positive impact of immigrants on urban economies (Chapter 4); on the consequences for people with a disability of low wages paid to health care workers (Chapter 12); and on the reaction to the proposed travel ban against Muslims (Chapter 6).
  • Expanded coverage of critical issues such as new developments affecting income inequality (Chapter 9); the incarceration of people of colour and the school-to-prison pipeline (Chapter 8); the ongoing struggle for civil rights for LGBT people (Chapter 11); the economic and social consequences of closing urban schools; and the principles and successful practices of restorative justice programs in K-12 Schools (Chapter 13).
Table of contents
  • Understanding Ourselves and Others: Clarifying Values and Language
  • Understanding Prejudice and Its Causes
  • Communication, Conflict, and Conflict Resolution
  • Immigration and Oppression: The Assault on Cultural and Language Diversity
  • Race and Oppression: The Experiences of People of Color
  • Religion and Oppression: The Struggle for Religious Freedom
  • Rejecting Oppressive Relationships: The Logic of Cultural Pluralism for a Diverse Society
  • Racism: Confronting a Legacy of White Domination in America
  • Classism: Misperceptions and Myths About Income, Wealth, and Poverty
  • Sexism: Where the Personal Becomes Political
  • Heterosexism: Challenging the Heterosexism Assumption
  • Ableism: Disability Does Not Mean Inability
  • Pluralism in Schools: The Promise of Multicultural Education
  • Pluralism in Society: Creating Unity in a Diverse America