The Professional Scrum Team

By Peter Goetz, Uwe M. Schirmer

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The Scrum Framework comprises eleven rules based on empirical process control. These rules can easily be described and understood, but they can be extremely challenging for teams to implement. The Professional Scrum Team helps real-world teams bring Scrum rules to life in their everyday work.

Leading consultants and trainers Peter Götz and Uwe M. Schirmer bring together proven practices based on their real-life experience working in (and with) real Scrum teams. They show how Scrum teams can optimise their performance as teams, and how each participant can work more successfully as a Scrum team member.

The authors introduce a team as it starts out with Scrum, and follows that team as it gains experience and functions with increasing effectiveness. First, you’ll watch the team discover that its legacy approach to developing complex software doesn’t work, seek a better way, and discover Scrum. Next, you’ll watch the team take its first steps with Scrum and gain hard-won practical experience.

In Part II, you’ll watch as it finds better ways to discuss and describe requirements to optimise stakeholder collaboration, so developers can create the right product. Then, in Part III, you’ll turn to development team practices and agile tools, discovering ways to continually improve quality and deliver functionality in ever-shorter cycles.
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
Table of contents
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Requirements and Specification
  • 3. Professional Scrum Development Team
  • 4. Glossary
  • 5. References and Recommended Reading