Clinical Phonetics eBook, 5th Edition

Lawrence D. Shriberg all

Clinical Phonetics eBook, 5th Edition

By Lawrence D. Shriberg, Raymond D. Trent, Tara McAllister Buyn, Jonathan L. Preston
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Lawrence D. Shriberg all
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A comprehensive introduction to the art and science of applying phonetics to clinical transcription

Clinical Phonetics was written specifically for readers who need to know phonetic knowledge and skills for clinical purposes in speech-language pathology. It covers the basic aspects of the phonetics of American English, including phonetic symbols, articulatory descriptions, and acoustic correlates, but it is unique in offering clinically relevant experience with authentic articulatory descriptions and speech samples from children and adults who have speech disorders or who use regional dialects. A wealth of clinically relevant topics further aids readers in preparing for their own transcription experiences as professionals.

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Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Overview of Clinical Phonetics
  • Chapter 2 Linguistic Phonetics
  • Chapter 3 The Three Systems of Speech Production
  • Chapter 4 Vowels: Monophthongs and Diphthongs
  • Chapter 5 Consonants
  • Chapter 6 Suprasegmentals and Prosody
  • Chapter 7 Narrow Transcription
  • Chapter 8 Practicing Broad and Narrow Phonetic Transcription of Children’s Speech
  • Part A: Transcription of Vowel Sound Changes
  • Part B: Transcription of Stop Sound Changes
  • Part C: Transcription of Nasal Sound Changes
  • Part D: Transcription of Fricative and Affricate Sound Changes
  • Part E: Transcription of Glide and Liquid Sound Changes
  • Chapter 9 Preparing to Collect and Transcribe Clinical Speech Samples
  • Chapter 10 Phonetics in the Clinical Setting
  • Chapter 11 Phonetic Variation
  • Further Reading
  • Glossary
  • Answers to Exercises
  • References
  • Index