Inside Java SE 9

Monica Beckwith

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Inside Java SE 9

By Monica Beckwith
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Monica Beckwith
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Inside Java SE 9  teaches experienced programmers exactly how to take full advantage of Java SE 9’s major, long-awaited improvements. Java Champion Monica Beckwith relies on extensive sample code reflecting real-world use cases to illustrate Java SE 9’s key features and functions, and demonstrate the benefits of utilising them.


Beckwith shows how Java’s new module system (“Project Jigsaw”) enables working developers to build solutions that scale easily from tiny devices to large and complex libraries; are more secure and maintainable; and deliver exceptional performance. She reviews Java SE 9 changes in areas ranging from data types and packages to classes and interfaces, showing how to make the most of Java’s new tools and facilities.

  • In-depth coverage of using Java’s long-awaited standard module system (“Project Jigsaw”) to build more scalable, secure, and maintainable software
  • Covers writing modular jars, using the new logging interface and new default Garbage Collector (GC), and taking advantage of key sjavac improvements
  • Shows how to achieve significant JIT performance improvements via segmented code caching
  • By one of the world’s leading Java experts: Java Champion Monica Beckwith, co-author of Java Performance Companion
Table of contents
  • 1. Java Introduction and Evolution to Java 9
  • 2. Java’s Type Systems Evolution
  • 3. Packages, Interfaces, Classes and Objects
  • 4. Monolithic Java vs Modular Java
  • 5. Java Microbenchmarking Harness
  • 6. Java Logging Interface
  • 7. Automatic Memory Management and GC Ergonomics
  • 8. Java 9: Other New Features