Skills for Success with Microsoft Office 2016 MyLab IT with eBook

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Skills for Success with Microsoft Office 2016 MyLab IT with eBook

By Margo Chaney Adkins, Lisa Hawkins, Catherine Hain, Stephanie Murre-Wolf
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Margo Chaney Adkins all
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Designed for a new generation of learners

Skills for Success teaches students the way they prefer to learn software–instead of reading big blocks of text, they'd rather see and do. Using the hallmark visual layout, students complete an entire skill in just two pages. Step-by-step instructions are aligned with full size screens image to guide students as they progress through each new skill. No matter what device they are using–desktop or tablet–or their current skill level, students will learn what they need to get started quickly.

Pearson MyLab™ is the world's leading online self-study, homework, tutorial and assessment product designed with a single purpose in mind: to improve the results of all higher education students, one student at a time.

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  • The design enhances usability and fits the work style of today’s students.
    • 10 x 8 Format makes it easy for students to use the book in a lab, and to read and type at the same time by simply propping the book up on a desk, in front of their monitor, or laying it on their lap.
    • A two-page spread for each skill help students keep their momentum without flipping pages.
    • Screenshots appear next to the skills on the page so students can easily check to see that they are doing the procedures correctly.
  • Extensive coverage of key skills students need for professional and personal success.
    • Every chapter covers ten skills with real-world projects that meet the Learning Objectives and Outcomes.
    • NEW! More Skills are now included in the book instead of online to ensure that you and your students benefit from the coverage. These projects go beyond the main skills covered to provide additional training covering more advanced topics and some MOS skills.
    • NEW! Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Objective integration ensures students learn the MOS objectives and are easily found for exam awareness and preparation.
    • NEW! Collaborating with Google projects require students to apply their knowledge with another tool, replicating what happens in the today’s work environment.
  • Clearly defined, measurable learning outcomes and objectives
    • NEW! Learning Outcomes and Objectives have been clarified and expanded at the beginning of each chapter to define what students will learn, and are tied to the chapter assessments for clear measurement and efficacy.
    • A wide range of projects ensures learning objectives and outcomes are achieved
      • Objective-based: Matching & Multiple choice, Discussion
      • Review projects: Skills Review, Skills Assessments 1 & 2
      • Problem-Solving: My Skills and Visual Skills Check
      • Critical Thinking: Skills Challenges 1 & 2 and More Skills Assessment
      • Application Capstone Projects provided for each application ensure that students are ready to move on to the next application.
      • Integrated Projects follow each application so that as students learn a new application, they also learn how to use it with other applications.
      • Office Online Projects provide hands-on experience with the web version of the Office applications to ensure students are familiar with the differences and become proficient with working between different versions of the tools.
  • Learning Tools and Resources
    • NEW! Project Summary Chart details the end-of-chapter projects from review, and problem-solving, to critical thinking, and demonstration of proficiency.
    • NEW! Skills Summary Chart lists all the Skills and Procedures and shortcut keys covered in the chapter, making remembering what was covered easier!
    • NEW! MOS Skills Chart and Objective quiz provide a list of the MOS skills covered in the chapter and a short quiz to assess understanding.
    • NEW! Watch Skill Videos (formerly Student Training videos) are author-created training videos for each Skill in the chapter to Make learning and remediation easier.
    • NEW! Biz Skills videos help teach students critical life and work skills, such as Interviewing, and Email Etiquette.
    • NEW! Wide screen images with clear callouts provide better viewing and usability.
    • NEW! Application Introductions provide a brief overview of the application and put the chapters in context for students.
  • Innovation Station: monthly articles from your Pearson authors keep you current with Microsoft Office and Windows, including tips for understanding automatic updates, adjusting to and utilizing new capabilities, and optimizing your Office course.
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Table of contents
  • Part 1 | Technology Fundamentals
  • Chapter 1 Getting Started with Computer Concepts
  • Chapter 2 Getting Started with Windows 10
  • Chapter 3 Browse with Internet
  • Part 2 | Getting Started with Microsoft Office Applications
  • Chapter 1 Common Features of Office 2016
  • Part 3 | Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Word
  • Introduction to Word
  • Chapter 1 Create Letters and Memos
  • Chapter 2 Create Business Reports
  • Chapter 3 Create Flyers
  • Chapter 4 Create Newsletters and Mail Merge Documents
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Chapter 1 Create Workbooks with Excel 2016
  • Chapter 2 Insert Summary Functions and Create Charts
  • Chapter 3 Manage Multiple Worksheets
  • Chapter 4 More Functions and Excel Tables
  • Microsoft Access
  • Introduction to Access
  • Chapter 1 Create Database Tables
  • Chapter 2 Create Select Queries
  • Chapter 3 Create Forms
  • Chapter 4 Create Reports
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Introduction to PowerPoint
  • Chapter 1 Getting Started with PowerPoint 2016
  • Chapter 2 Format a Presentation
  • Chapter 3 Enhance Presentations with Graphics
  • Chapter 4 Present Data Using Tables, Charts, and Animation
  • Glossary
  • Appendix
  • Index