Joining Together: Group Theory and Group Skills eBook, 12th Edition

David H. Johnson all

Joining Together: Group Theory and Group Skills eBook, 12th Edition

By David H. Johnson, Frank P. Johnson
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David H. Johnson all
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For courses in Group Dynamics & Counseling and Cooperative Learning.


Clear, concise, step-by-step coverage of the theory and research relevant to group dynamics and the practical skills needed to ensure success in working with and in groups.

A broad, integrative, unique overview of group dynamics, this book bridges the gap between theory, research, and practice, and combines a conceptual understanding of group dynamics with what’s needed to develop effective small group skills. In it readers are involved in the content that combines the theoretical and empirical knowledge now available on group dynamics with practical ways to apply that knowledge in groups to which readers actually belong. Constructed so that the theory and research on group dynamics is taught experientially through exercises and simulations included in the book, Joining Together provides the ideal combination for ensuring success in working with groups.


All important areas of group dynamics are included, from the history of the field to decision making and conflict management, and applied chapters focus on such practical areas as valuing diversity, cooperative learning, leading counseling groups, and team development and training. Accessible, clear, and practical, it gives students the tools and skills they need to be effective group members and to ensure the effectiveness of any group to which they belong. 

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Clear, concise, practical, and reader friendly, this widely popular text is set up to ensure understanding of how to use the concepts of group dynamics.

  • Relevant theory and research are combined with skill-building exercises to help students implement what they are learning in their own lives.
  • Step-by-step coverage of the theory and research relevant to group dynamics makes the topics clear.
  • Lists of the most important concepts introduce each chapter.
  • Comprehension tests throughout each chapter help students assess how well they know the material being covered.
  • Experiential exercises teach the content inductively and develop readers’ small group and interpersonal skills.
  • A glossary provides readers with the definitions of important concepts.
  • NEW! The latest and most exciting theoretical work and research from psychology, sociology, and other social sciences keeps readers on the cutting edge of the field of group dynamics.
  • NEW! A new chapter on group dynamics, democracy, and peace highlights the relevance of group dynamics to working for peace and building democracies.
  • NEW! An enhanced balance between traditional and contemporary topics appeals to a variety of courses and instructors.
Table of contents
  • CHAPTER 1 Group Dynamics
  • CHAPTER 2 Experiential Learning
  • CHAPTER 3 Group Goals, Social Interdependence, and Trust
  • CHAPTER 4 Communication Within Groups
  • CHAPTER 5 Leadership
  • CHAPTER 6 Using Power
  • CHAPTER 7 Decision Making
  • CHAPTER 8 Controversy and Creativity
  • CHAPTER 9 Managing Conflicts of Interest
  • CHAPTER 10 Valuing Diversity
  • CHAPTER 11 Group Dynamics, Democracy, and Peace
  • CHAPTER 12 Cooperative Learning in the Classroom
  • CHAPTER 13 Leading Growth and Counseling Groups
  • CHAPTER 14 Team Development, Team Training 5
  • CHAPTER 15 Epilogue