Career Development Interventions eBook, 5th Edition

Spencer G. Niles all

Career Development Interventions eBook, 5th Edition

By Spencer G. Niles, JoAnn E. Harris-Bowlsbey
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Spencer G. Niles all
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A practical, straightforward approach to the competencies required of today’s professional career counselors.

This comprehensive, top-selling text presents theories, assessments, planning tools, resources, and technologies relevant to modern career development in a practical approach that shows theory and research in action. With four chapters devoted to career development in educational settings, it analyses the various aspects of career development interventions for the elementary, middle and high school, higher education, and community audiences, and provides strategies for implementing career counseling techniques and creating and designing career development programs. The new edition features a stronger emphasis on the elementary school level, up-to-date coverage of the use of technology in career counseling, including the use of social media for job seeking, and the addition of new case studies and practical assignments throughout.


Spencer G. Niles is professor and department head of Counselor Education in the Counseling Psychology and Rehabilitation Services Department at Pennsylvania State University.


JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey, Ed.D., has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the field of career development, including positions as high school counselor, director of guidance, university professor, career counselor in a university counseling center, developer of DISCOVER® (a computer-based career planning system), and Executive Director of ACT’s Educational Technology Center. She is currently Executive Director of Product Development for Kuder, Inc., and in that role works with state departments of education and labor in the conceptualization and implementation of career planning websites that serve as a virtual center for both students and adults across the life span as they engage in educational and career planning. She is also involved in the development of international career planning systems that include implementation of a highly customized career planning website and paraprofessional-level training for those who use it with students and clients.


Dr. Harris-Bowlsbey is the author or co-author of many journal articles and several books including Take Hold of Your Future (a college-level career planning curriculum) and Essentials in Career Counseling, a textbook co-authored with Dr. Norman Amundson and Dr. Spencer Niles. She has developed national and international versions of the Career Development Facilitator curriculum. She is a past-president of the National Career Development Association and a recipient of its Eminent Career Award

Table of contents
  • CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Career Development Interventions
  • CHAPTER 2 Understanding and Applying Theories of Career Development
  • CHAPTER 3 Understanding and Applying Recent Theories of Career Development
  • CHAPTER 4 Providing Culturally Competent Career Development Interventions
  • CHAPTER 5 Assessment and Career Planning
  • CHAPTER 6 Career Information and Resources
  • CHAPTER 7 Using Information and Communication Technologies to Support Career Counseling and Planning
  • CHAPTER 8 Career Counseling Strategies and Techniques
  • CHAPTER 9 Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Career Development Programs and Services
  • CHAPTER 10 Career Development Interventions in the Elementary Schools
  • CHAPTER 11 Career Development Interventions in Middle Schools
  • CHAPTER 12 Career Development Interventions in High Schools
  • CHAPTER 13 Career Development Interventions in Higher Education
  • CHAPTER 14 Career Development Interventions in Community Settings
  • CHAPTER 15 Ethical Issues in Career Development Interventions
  • Appendix A NCDA Code of Ethics Preamble
  • Appendix B Educational and Career Planning Portfolio
  • Appendix C Career Counseling Competencies of the National Career Development Association (NCDA)
  • Appendix D 2016 CACREP Standards Related to Career Development
  • Appendix E National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) Framework A-38