CCDE Study Guide eBook

Marwan Al-Shawi

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CCDE Study Guide eBook

By Marwan Al-Shawi
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Marwan Al-Shawi
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CCDE Study Guide is written and reviewed by CCDE engineers and helps students to both improve design skills and to study for and pass the CCDE exam. Network design is an art, combining broad technology knowledge and experience. This book covers a broad number of technologies, protocols and design options, and considerations that can bring these aspects together and show how they can be used and thought about based on different requirements and business goals.

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  • Cisco's authoritative, all-in-one study resource for the tough CCDE network design exam
  • A business-driven approach to network infrastructure design: select, apply, and integrate the right technologies to address both business and technical requirements
  • Teaches with scenario-based design examples, including converged enterprise network architectures, service provider network architectures, and cloud-based data centers
  • In-depth coverage of high availability, IPv6, multicast, QoS, security, network management design, and many other topics
  • Includes practice CCDE exams for service provider and enterprise, with solutions covering the entire process, from information gathering through applying a finished design
  • For every CCDE candidate, and every network professional who wants deeper insights into Cisco network design
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Network Design Requirements: Analysis and Design Principles
  • Chapter 2 Enterprise Layer 2 and Layer 3 Design
  • Chapter 3 Enterprise Campus Architecture Design
  • Chapter 4 Enterprise Edge Architecture Design
  • Chapter 5 Service Provider Network Architecture Design
  • Chapter 6 Service Provider MPLS VPN Services Design
  • Chapter 7 Multi-AS Service Provider Network Design
  • Chapter 8 Data Center Networks Design
  • Chapter 9 Network High-Availability Design
  • Chapter 10 Design of Other Network Technologies and Services
  • Appendix