GO! with Windows 10 Introductory

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GO! with Windows 10 Introductory

By Shelley Gaskin, Heddy Pritchard
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Shelley Gaskin all
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The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly defined projects for students and a one-of-a-kind supplements package. The GO! series is the right solution for you and your students in today’s fast-moving, mobile environment. GO! focuses on today’s mobile worker wherever, whenever, and from whatever device. It covers Office Online, Office 365 collaboration, and touch devices, so students are prepared to work in any environment.


Windows 10 is a new approach to operating systems for the more mobile world we live in. With Windows 10, apps, services, and content move across devices seamlessly, and updates will be delivered regularly. There are a variety of enhancements from Windows 10, and there are significant changes from Windows 7. To guide both new and experienced users of earlier versions, the GO! series takes project-based approach, which allows students to explore the core functionality of Windows 10, while learning how to use it effectively.



Shelley Gaskin, Series Editor for the GO! Series, is a professor of business and computer technology at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. She holds a master's degree in business education from Northern Illinois   University and a doctorate in adult and community education from Ball State University. Dr. Gaskin has 15 years of experience in the computer industry with several Fortune 500 companies and has developed and written training materials for custom systems applications in both the public and private sector. She is also the author of books on Microsoft Outlook and word processing.


Nancy Graviett is a professor in the Business and Computer Science department at St. Charles Community College in Cottleville, Missouri, where she is the program coordinator for the Business Administrative Systems program and teaches within the program. Nancy is also very active with distance learning and teaches in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats. She holds a master’s degree from University of Missouri. Nancy holds Microsoft® Certified Application Specialist certification in multiple applications and provides training both on and off campus. In her free time, Nancy enjoys quilting and spending time with family and friends.


Debra Geoghan is currently an associate professor of computer and information science at Bucks County Community College, teaching computer classes ranging from basic computer literacy to cybercrime, computer forensics, and networking. She has earned certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, Apple, and others. Deb has taught at the college level since 1996 and also spent 11 years in the high school classroom. She holds a B.S. in Secondary Science Education from Temple University and an M.A. in Computer Science Education from Arcadia University. Throughout her teaching career, Deb has worked with other educators to integrate technology across the curriculum. At BCCC, she serves on many technology committees, presents technology workshops for BCCC faculty, and runs a summer workshop for K-12 teachers interested in using technology in their classrooms. Deb is an avid user of technology which has earned her the nickname “gadget lady”.



Motivate Students with an Easy-to-Use Design

  • Clear instructions are written following Microsoft® Procedural Syntax, directing students first on where to go, then what to do when performing tasks.
  • The clean design of the pages of the GO! series are uncluttered, with lots of screenshots for visual learners.
  • Sequential numbered pagination in the GO! series are numbered sequentially, like every other textbook the student is using, instead of using letters or abbreviations.
  • Objectives are indicated with page references so that students instantly know where each objective is covered.
  • Another Way boxed features provide students with alternative methods of completing tasks. These boxes are presented in the margin instead of right in line with the steps of the project to avoid confusion.
  • Colour-Coded Steps guide students through the projects.
  • End-of-Project Icons give students a clearly identifiable end point for each project, and are useful in self-paced or online environments.
  • NEW! Windows 10 Videos keep students up-to-date with the most recent changes in Windows.
  • NEW! Design completely updated and revised to reflect the look of Windows 10 and Office 2013 while it enhances readability.
  • NEW! Enhanced Chapter Openers include a more detailed introduction to the A&B instructional projects, and clearer chapter objectives and outcomes.
  • NEW! GO! Learn it Online Section at the end of the chapter directs students to more learning opportunities like multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank activities.
  • NEW! Updated and new styles for in-text boxed content–including Another Way, Notes, More Knowledge, Alerts, and new By Touch instructions–give students a clear view of additional resources and tips.
  • NEW! Clearly indicated Built from Scratch projectsGO! has always had Built from Scratch projects, but for 2013, we added an icon to really call them out!
  • NEW! Visual Summary focuses on the four key concepts to remember from each chapter.
  • NEW! Review and Assessment Guide summarises the end-of-chapter assessments for a quick overview of the different types/levels of assignments for each chapter.
  • NEW! Skills and Procedures Summary chart for each chapter is provided online, featuring handy shortcut key tips.
  • NEW! End-of-chapter Key Term Glossary with definitions for each chapter, plus a comprehensive end-of-book glossary.


Table of contents


Project 1A Getting to Know Windows 10

            Objective 1 Explore the Windows 10 Environment

            Objective 2 Use File Explorer and Desktop Apps to Create a New Folder and Save a File

            Objective 3 Identify the Functions of the Windows 10 Operating System

            Objective 4 Discover Windows 10 Features

            Objective 5 Sign Out of Windows 10, Turn Off Your Computer, and Manage User Accounts

            Objective 6 Manage Your Windows 10 System

Project 1B Managing Programs, Files, and Folders

            Objective 7 Download and Extract Files and Folders

            Objective 8 Use File Explorer to Display Locations, Folders, and Files

            Objective 9 Start Programs and Open Data Files

            Objective 10 Create, Rename, and Copy Files and Folders

            Objective 11 Use OneDrive as Cloud Storage


Project 2A Managing Files and Folders

            Objective 1 Copy Files from a Removable Storage Device to the Hard Disk Drive

            Objective 2 Navigate by Using File Explorer

            Objective 3 Create, Name, and Save Files

            Objective 4 Create Folders and Rename Folders and Files

            Objective 5 Select, Copy, and Move Files and Folders

            Objective 6 Delete Files and Folders and Use the Recycle Bin

Project 2B Searching Your Computer

            Objective 7 Search From Cortana

           Objective 8 Search From a Folder Window

            Objective 9 Save, Reuse, and Delete a Search

            Objective 10 Search Settings

            Objective 11 Add Tags to Improve a Search



Project 3A Using Advanced File Management Techniques

            Objective 1 Navigate by Using the Address Bar

            Objective 2 Create and Navigate Quick Access

            Objective 3 Personalize the Display of Folders and Files

            Objective 4 Recognize File Types and Associate Files with Programs

Project 3B Using Advanced Search Techniques

            Objective 5 Filter Searches in the Search Box

            Objective 6 Search by Using the Search Folder

            Objective 7 Save a Search, Manage Search Behavior, and Manage the Index




Project 4A Searching the Web Using the Define, Contains, Filetype, Domain, and Site Operators

            Objective 1 Search the Web Using the Define Operator

            Objective 2 Search the Web Using the Contains Operator

            Objective 3 Search the Web Using the Filetype Operator

            Objective 4 Search the Web Using the Domain Operator

            Objective 5 Search the Web Using the Phrase Operator

            Objective 6 Search the Web Using the Site Operator

Project 4B Searching Websites in a Specific Language and by Using Boolean Operators

            Objective 7 Search Websites in a Specific Language

            Objective 8 Search Websites Using the AND Boolean Operator

            Objective 9 Search Websites Using the OR Boolean Operator

            Objective 10 Search the Web Using Multiple Operators



Project 5A Manage Your Computer’s Settings

            Objective 1 Manage System Settings

            Objective 2 Manage Devices

            Objective 3 Manage Your Network and Internet Connections

            Objective 5 Personalize Your System

            Objective 5 Manage User Accounts and Family Safety

            Objective 6 Manage Time, Language, and Ease of Access

            Objective 7 Manage Privacy and Security Settings

            Objective 8 Back Up and Restore Your Files

Project 5B Optimize and Monitor System Performance

            Objective 9 Locate System Information

            Objective 10 Install and Uninstall Programs

            Objective 11 Use Task Manager

            Objective 12 Track System Performance