Rockin In Time eBook, 8th Edition

David P. Szatmary

Rockin In Time eBook, 8th Edition

By David P. Szatmary
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David P. Szatmary
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Understand the social and historical significance of rock-and-roll

Brief, authoritative, and current, Dave Szatmary's Rockin' in Time: A Social History of Rock-and-Roll, weaves the major icons of rock-and-roll into a larger social/historical fabric. Rather than an exhaustive catalog of artists in rock history or a guide to learning musical notation, the book places rock-and-roll in the context of the social issues that surrounded and shaped it. Topics include the influence on rock music of such trends as the civil rights movement, political and economic shifts, demographical change and the baby boom, the development of the music business, and technology advances.

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  • Explores Music’s Influence on Society — The title examines the impact of popular music on social trends for over 60 years — such as Motown’s and hip hop’s impacts on racial integration, rockers’ influence on presidential elections, the Beach Boys’ role in the 1960s migration to California, and more. A new chapter (Chapter 21: Country Counter-Revolution) explores country rock and its ties to the Tea Party conservative political movement.
  • Traces the Development of Rock-and-Roll - The book follows rock-and-roll from its inception with the blues to the present day, showing the continuity in the music as well as the differences. This allows students to recognise and understand the historical context of their favorite music. New material shows the progression of the music and the major musical elements of different rock genres.
  • Engages Students — Quotes from many of the artists who shaped music during the past 60 years make the book more enticing to students, along with additional photos, posters and other compelling images. A refreshed colour scheme throughout the text keeps students engaged.
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1. The Blues, Rock-and-Roll, and Racism
  • Chapter 2. Elvis and Rockabilly
  • Chapter 3. The Teen Market: From Bandstand to Girl Groups
  • Chapter 4. Surfboards and Hot Rods: California, Here We Come
  • Chapter 5. The New Frontier
  • Chapter 6. The British Invasion of America: The Beatles
  • Chapter 7. The British Blues Invasion and Garage Rock
  • Chapter 6. Motown: The Sound of Integration
  • Chapter 9. Acid Rock
  • Chapter 10. Fire from the Streets
  • Chapter 11. Guitar Heroes and Heavy Metal Gods
  • Chapter 12. Back to the Country
  • Chapter 13. Escaping into the Seventies
  • Chapter 14. The Era of Excess
  • Chapter 15. Punk Rock and the New Generation
  • Chapter 16. The American Hardcore
  • Chapter 17. I Want My MTV
  • Chapter 18. The Promise of Rock-and-Roll
  • Chapter 19. Country Boomers
  • Chapter 20. Back to the Future: The Rave Revolution
  • Chapter 21. The Generation X Blues
  • Chapter 22. Post-Grunge Party
  • Chapter 23. The Hip-Hop Nation
  • Chapter 24. Metal Gumbo: Rockin’ in the Twenty-First Century
  • Chapter 25. Age of the Internet
  • Chapter 26. Life in Wartime
  • Chapter 27. Country Counter-Revolution