Teachers and the Law, 9th Edition

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Teachers and the Law, 9th Edition

By David Schimmel, Leslie R. Stellman, Cynthia K. Conlon, Louis Fischer
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For courses School Law (Educational Administration and Leadership)


Using a unique question and answer format, this resource presents a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to school law.


Future teachers and administrators and current school professionals get a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to critical school law topics and issues in this widely popular book. Using a unique question and answer format based on real cases from school districts throughout the country, the authors provide a thorough, wide-ranging understanding of public school law in the United States today. The clear, jargon-free writing style is ideal for readers without a strong legal background, as it eliminates technical and intimidating legal speak in favour of clear, simple explanations. The new edition covers topics of concern today including the rights of transgender students, procedural versus substantive due process, charter schools and vouchers, students’ privacy rights when using computer, and the federal laws affecting disabled students, and includes a discussion of a recent affirmative action case.

  • The unique and engaging question and answer format is based on real case from school districts throughout the country and fully engages future administrators, future teachers, and current school professionals.
  • A clear, jargon-free writing style ensures that readers without a strong legal background understand the topics and cases.
  • The comprehensive approach gives new teacher and school professionals information on all of the legal issues they could face during their careers.
  • Recent cases and references to recent video clips that can be used in class are presented in the Instructor’s Manual to help instructors plan classes.
  • The most up-to-date information is presented, including the most recent cases in law-related topics of concern to teachers and administrators.
Table of contents
  • 1      Teachers and the Legal System    
  • PART ONE • The Legal Aspects of Teaching
  • 2      Do I Have a Contract?    
  • 3      How Secure Is My Employment?    
  • 4      How Does Collective Bargaining Affect Me?    
  • 5      When Am I Liable?    
  • 6      What Constitutes Slander and Libel?    
  • 7      How Should I Deal with Child Abuse and Neglect?    
  • 8      How Does Copyright Law Affect Me?    
  • PART TWO • Teachers’ and Students’ Rights
  • 9      When Can Schools Restrict Teachers’ Freedom of Expression?    
  • 10    When Can Schools Restrict Students’ Freedom of Expression?    
  • 11    When Can Schools Limit Religious Freedom?    
  • 12    When Can Schools Limit Freedom of Association?    
  • 13    What Are My Rights to Due Process and to Privacy?    
  • 14    How Free Is My Personal Life?    
  • 15    Are Teachers and Students Protected against Racial Discrimination?    
  • 16    Are Teachers and Students Protected against Sex Discrimination?    
  • 17    Are There Special Rights for Students with Disabilities and Non-English-Speaking Students?    
  • 18    Who Controls Student Records?    
  • 19   Do Parents Have Choices in Educating Their Children?    
  • 20    When Can Schools Restrict Personal Appearance?    
  • 21    Emerging Legal Issues