Assessing Young Children eBook, 5th Edition

Gayle Mindes all

Assessing Young Children eBook, 5th Edition

By Gayle Mindes, Lee Ann Jung
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Gayle Mindes all
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A comprehensive review of the issues involved in assessing children from birth to eight years, with and without disabilities. 


This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the broad scope of approaches and instruments—grounded in research-based and recommended practices—for assessing children from birth to eight years, with or without disabilities. It guides readers in preparing to assess young children in a variety of settings, including inclusive environments, blending early childhood and early childhood special education. Students learn about assessment issues--from basic observation and other foundational practices to the complexities of referring children for special education or early intervention evaluation. The focus throughout is on working with interdisciplinary teams to serve a diverse population of children. The new Fifth Edition features a “Cultural Connections” section in each chapter clarifying applications of the topic with children from diverse cultural backgrounds. Particular attention is paid to English learners.


The ideal teaching and learning resource, this text:

  • Builds on the knowledge of both early childhood and early childhood special education.
  • Uses illustrative aids to make the concepts clear.
  • Covers a wide range of topics, including some of today’s hottest issues in the field.

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  • Reflects the knowledge base of both early childhood and early childhood special education.
  • Provides illustrations of appropriate practices for prospective teachers and discusses current trends for experienced teachers.
  • Approaches assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning process.
  • Covers key components of the assessment system, including cultural competence, family collaboration, and a vision of inclusionary practice in all early childhood environments.
  • Addresses relevant professional standards throughout.
  • Written in nontechnical language and supported by the most current research.
  • Covers all “hot topics,” including standards-based and outcomes-based teaching, high-stakes testing, Response to Intervention (RTI), coping with legislative demands, and relevant technology in the assessment process.
  • Each chapter includes helpful learning aids, including: terms to know, learning outcomes, reflection questions, links, field activities, case vignettes, Voices from the Field, activities for classroom discussion and suggested additional readings.
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1       A Comprehensive Assessment System for Birth Through Age 8  
  • Chapter 2       Developing Family Partnerships in Assessment  
  • Chapter 3       Observation as the Key Method in the System  
  • Chapter 4       Using Basic Concepts of Measurement  
  • Chapter 5       Choosing and Using the Right Measure  
  • Chapter 6       Assessment for Planning Intervention
  • Chapter 7        Conferencing, Grading and Reporting
  • Chapter 8       Building a Child Study  
  • Chapter 9       Special Issues in Infant and Toddler Assessment  
  • Chapter 10     Special Issues in Preschool Assessment  
  • Chapter 11     Special Issues in Primary Grades  
  • Appendix A   Child Development Chart for Typical Development  
  • Appendix B    Selected Early Childhood Tests to Consider for Use in Educational and Child-Care Settings  
  • Appendix C   Test Evaluation Guidelines  
  • Appendix D   Choosing Technology and Software to Support Assessment  
  • Appendix E    Portfolio Template  
  • Appendix F    Websites That Address Assessment for Teachers of Young Children
  • Appendix G   Assessment Bibliography for Kindergarten and Primary Teachers   
  • Glossary  
  • References  
  • Name Index  
  • Subject Index