Sams Teach Yourself 3ds Max in 24 Hours eBook

Stewart Jones

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Sams Teach Yourself 3ds Max in 24 Hours eBook

By Stewart Jones
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Stewart Jones
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This is a full-colour, practical, hands-on guide to mastering Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2014 computer graphics and animation for games, film, TV, and architectural design.


One step at a time, this book teaches all the essential CG skills and techniques needed, from using simple primitives and transforms to creating complex hair, fur, and atmospheric effects. Top CG artist, instructor, and author Stewart Jones starts with the absolute basics, making 3ds Max 2014 accessible even to people who've created computer graphics before. In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, he shows how to get productive with every essential 3ds Max tool and feature, with just the relevant details.

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Table of contents
  • Preface    
  • Hour 1: Introduction    
  • Hour 2: Exploring the Interface
  • Hour 3: Navigating the Viewports    
  • Hour 4: Primitives and Transforms    
  • Hour 5: 3ds Max Modifiers    
  • Hour 6: Sub-Object Exploration    
  • Hour 7: 3D Modeling    
  • Hour 8: Materials and Textures   
  • Hour 9: Computer Animation    
  • Hour 10: Illuminating Scenes Using Lights    
  • Hour 11: Adding and Editing 3D Camera    
  • Hour 12: Rendering for Production    
  • Hour 13: Combining Techniques to Create a Showcase    
  • Hour 14: Rigging Objects for Easier Animation    
  • Hour 15: Influencing Geometry Using Skinning Techniques    
  • Hour 16: Character Animation    
  • Hour 17: Dynamic Simulations    
  • Hour 18: Particles and Effects    
  • Hour 19: Cloth, Hair, and Fur Creation    
  • Hour 20: Mental Ray Rendering    
  • Hour 21: 3ds Max Project Management Techniques    
  • Hour 22: Combining Advanced Techniques to Create a Showcase    
  • Hour 23: Scripting in 3ds Max Using MAXScript    
  • Hour 24: Conclusion