A Framework for Human Resource Management eBook, 7th Edition

Gary Dessler

A Framework for Human Resource Management eBook, 7th Edition

By Gary Dessler
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Gary Dessler
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For undergraduate and graduate courses in human resource management.

A concise yet thorough review of essential HR management concepts.

A Framework for Human Resource Management provides students and practicing managers with a concise yet thorough review of essential HR management concepts–including fundamental practices, methods, topics, and relevant legal findings–in a highly readable and accessible format.
Getting to the point–A Concise Overview for All Managers. The focus of this text is to make the information relevant to students of management–not just those who will specialise in human resources. In 390 pages and 10 chapters, this text covers the broad spectrum of basic HR practice, concepts, and techniques by distilling the essential HR material that the larger books contain and giving professors a more concise option to work with.

Making the connection–Realism. Each chapter of this text touches on, or provides examples of, how managers strategically use HR practices and technology in today’s business environment. The end-of-chapter material also includes case incidents and 5 comprehensive cases to help students make the connection between theory and real-world application.

Dozens of new topics. Reliability, validity, generalisability, utility, person-job fit, bias, using the standard deviation rule in equal employment compliance, retaliation, job satisfaction and withdrawal, managing voluntary turnover, management’s willingness to take a strike, cross training, and job hazard analysis.

Expanded coverage of strategic human resource management in Chapter 1, including discussions of HR Scorecards and strategy maps.

A completely revised Chapter 8, now titled Managing Employee Ethics, Engagement, Retention, and Fair Treatment, which includes discussions of employee engagement, withdrawal, and retention, as well as managing ethics, and a new presentation (in Chapter 7) of how to create a market-competitive pay structure.

Expanded treatment of Career Management in Chapter 6 (Performance Management, Appraisals, and Careers) and of the ADDIE training process in Chapter 5 (Training and Developing Employees).

A new end-of-book module on Practical HR Tools for Managers
, focusing on nuts-and- bolts human resource management tools, guidelines, and systems all managers can use, for instance, to comply with EEOC interview question guidelines. This module replaces the 6th edition’s International HR module, with international HR issues still covered in special boxed features in most chapters.

Nine new videos with discussion questions and a synopsis for each video included at the end of each part of the textbook.

Table of contents
  • PART I Introduction   
  • Chapter 1 Managing Strategic Human Resources Today   
  • Chapter 2 Managing Equal Opportunity and Diversity   
  • PART II Recruiting and Placing Employees   
  • Chapter 3 Personnel Planning, Recruiting, and Talent Management  
  • Chapter 4 Testing and Selecting Employees  
  • Chapter 5 Training and Developing Employees 
  • PART III Appraising and Compensating Employees
  • Chapter 6 Performance Management, Appraisals, and Careers
  • Chapter 7 Compensating Employees   
  • PART IV Employee Rights and Safety  
  • Chapter 8 Managing Employee Ethics, Engagement, Retention, and Fair Treatment
  • Chapter 9 Managing Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining   
  • Chapter 10 Protecting Safety and Health   
  • Module A    Practical HR Tools, Guidelines, and Systems for Managers
  • Appendix
  • Glossary
  • Name Index   
  • Subject Index