Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1 eBook, 2nd Edition

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Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1 eBook, 2nd Edition

By Jeff Doyle, Jennifer DeHaven Carroll
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Jeff Doyle all
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A detailed examination of interior routing protocols
  • A core textbook for CCIE preparation and a practical reference for network designers, administrators, and engineers
  • Includes configuration and troubleshooting lessons that would cost thousands to learn in a classroom and numerous real-world examples and case studies
  • Praised in its first edition for its approachable style and wealth of information, this edition provides readers a deep understanding of IP routing protocols, teaches how to implement these protocols using Cisco routers, and brings readers up to date protocol and implementation enhancements.
  • Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1 includes protocol changes and Cisco features that enhance routing integrity, secure routers from attacks initiated through routing protocols, and provide greater control over the propagation of routing information for all the IP interior routing protocols.
  • Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1, Second Edition, provides a detailed analysis of each of the IP interior gateway protocols (IGPs). Its structure remains the same as the best-selling first edition, though information within each section is enhanced and modified to include  developments in routing protocols and Cisco implementations.
  • Approximately 200 pages of information are added to the main text, with some old text removed.
  • Additional exercise and solutions are also included.

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Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 TCP/IP Review
  • Chapter 2 IPv6 Overview
  • Chapter 3 Static Routing
  • Chapter 4 Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Chapter 5 Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
  • Chapter 6 RIPv2, RIPng, and Classless Routing
  • Chapter 7 Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
  • Chapter 8 OSPFv2
  • Chapter 9 OSPFv3
  • Chapter 10 Integrated IS-IS
  • Chapter 11 Route Redistribution
  • Chapter 12 Default Routes and On-Demand Routing
  • Chapter 13 Route Filtering
  • Chapter 14 Route Maps
  • Appendix A Tutorial : Working with Binary and Hex
  • Appendix B Tutorial : Access Lists
  • Appendix C CCIE Preparation Tips
  • Appendix D Answers to Review Questions
  • Appendix E Solutions to Configuration Exercises
  • Appendix F Solutions to Troubleshooting Exercises