A Framework of International Business

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A Framework of International Business

By S. Tamer Cavusgil, Gary Knight, John Riesenberger
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S. Tamer Cavusgil all
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For International Business courses.


A concise but thorough review of essential concepts and techniques.


The Cavusgil/Knight/Riesenberger author team’s new textbook A Framework of International Business concentrates on new realities in international business, emerging markets, and small and medium-sized enterprises.



Help students see the importance of ethics: Ethics and corporate social responsibility have become increasingly important in today’s international business course. To reflect this importance, this text addresses ethical conduct in several chapters through an array of tools.


Offer a balance: This text features balanced geographical coverage on companies and issues, from developing to advanced economies, with particular emphasis on emerging markets.


Provide current and relevant information: This text focuses on new, emerging topics in international business, offering information throughout each chapter that gives students insight into the latest trends. Examples include:


  • Over 100 exhibits provide the latest data and thinking on key issues.

  • 20 videos support the major themes found in the text.


Table of contents
  • Part I: Foundation Concepts 
  • Chapter 1: Introduction: What Is International Business?
  • Chapter 2: Theories of International Trade and Investment
  • Chapter 3: Organizational Participants that Make International Business 
  • Chapter 4: Culture and Ethics in International Business
  • Part II: The International Business Environment     
  • Chapter 5: Political and Legal Systems in International Business
  • Chapter 6: The International Monetary Environment and Financial Management in the Global Firm  
  • Chapter 7: Emerging Markets, Developing Economies, and Advanced Economies
  • Part III: International Business Strategy and Implementation 
  • Chapter 8: Strategy and Organization in the International Firm
  • Chapter 9: Global Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Chapter 10: Exporting and Countertrade
  • Chapter 11: Foreign Direct Investment and Collaborative Ventures
  • Chapter 12: Licensing, Franchising, and Other Contractual Strategies
  • Chapter 13: Global Sourcing
  • Chapter 14: Marketing in the Global Firm
  • Chapter 15: Human Resource Management in the Global Firm