Human Neuropsychology, 2nd Edition

G. Neil Martin

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Human Neuropsychology, 2nd Edition

By G. Neil Martin
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G. Neil Martin
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Human Neuropsychology provides a comprehensive introduction to the relationship between brain structure and activity, its function and behaviour. It covers every major topic in the field, simultaneously introducing students to significant developments in the area.

This book provides the perfect balance between theory and application, enabling students to develop a complete understanding of the subject.

  • Incorporates chapter summaries, case studies, illustrations and examples throughout the text for clear explanation and understanding
  • Highly comprehensive coverage of anatomy, behaviour and physiology for a solid introduction to the subject
  • Includes a listing of neuropsychology web resources, alongside links to relevant journals to develop interest and assist with research
Table of contents
  • Neuropsychology: its aims, history and methods
  • The brain I: basic neurophysiology
  • The brain II: basic neuroanatomy
  • Hemispheric localisation and lateralization of function
  • The frontal lobes: cognition, social behaviour and personality
  • Disorders of perception
  • Movement disorders
  • The neuropsychology of language: an introduction
  • Memory
  • Emotion-normal aspects
  • The dementias
  • Disorders of thought and mood
  • Development and recovery of function
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Appendix: resources for neuropsychology students
  • References
  • Index