Engineering by Design, 2nd Edition

Gerard Voland

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Engineering by Design, 2nd Edition

By Gerard Voland
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Gerard Voland
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For courses in Engineering Design.

Engineering By Design introduces students to a broad range of important design topics. The engineering design process provides the skeletal structure for the text, around which is wrapped numerous cases that illustrate both successes and failures in engineering design. The text provides a balance of qualitative presentation of engineering practices that can be understood by students with little technical knowledge and a more quantitative approach in which substantive analytical techniques are used to develop and evaluate proposed engineering solutions.

  • Edition includes new or increased coverage of economic analysis and decision-making (Ch. 10), manufacturing and materials (Ch. 11), and modeling (Ch. 6).
  • Features new case studies and more photographs to give this book an increased visual appeal.
  • Case Studies.
    • Present an ideal or benchmark solution which may serve as a model for future work.

  • Case Histories.
    • Describe how problems were actually solved and the consequences of the decisions that were made.

  • Case Problems.
    • Set forth open-ended situations that leave the choice of a solution up to the reader. Case Problems can be “learning modules” designed to put students to work in teams to define the problem and solve it through research, discussion, and/or lab work.

Table of contents
  • Engineering Design.
  • Needs Assessment.
  • Structuring the Search for the Problem.
  • Structuring the Search for a Solution: Design Goals and Specifications.
  • Acquiring, Applying, and Protecting Technical Knowledge.
  • Abstraction and Modeling.
  • Synthesis.
  • Ethics and Product Liability Issues.
  • Hazards Analysis and Failure Analysis.