At Pearson, we endeavour to put the learner at the heart of our business. Over time we have transformed our organisation from a traditional publisher to a digital services company, utilising the latest industry thinking and educational trends to help identify the greatest impact we can have on learning outcomes.
We are solely focused on the outcomes of our customers and the overall experience they have with our organisation. The products and services we offer across our businesses place learner outcomes at the heart of our decision making process to ensure we improve and personalise learning. This is part of our move towards efficacy (links to Pearson's efficacy website)


Who we work with

Pearson Australia partners with organisations and institutions across Australia and Asia to develop best practice, to help identify the needs of our customers and the areas where we can have the greatest measurable impact.
Pearson Australia implements a vast range of products and service capabilities to our educational, testing and assessment customers. Our end to end solutions assist educational institutions deliver learning by providing them with the tools and methods for measurable learning, no matter who you are, where you are or how you learn.


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