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  • Alpha to Omega Flashcards (2e)

    • By Hornsby, Beve
    • Published 01/09/1996
    • ISBN 9780435103842
    • Available on demand (O)
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    This box of over 250 laminated flashcards, including a whole section of lively alphabet games, helps you to reinforce and develop work in the Teacher's Handbook.

  • Ancient Greece: State and Society

    • By Jones, Nicholas F.
    • Published 17/07/1996
    • ISBN 9780133397482
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    A core text for courses in Ancient Greek History, or supplement for courses in Ancient Greek Historians. Scholarly and rigorous in approach, this text provides a single-volume, holistic, integrated view of ancient Greek history — going well beyond the traditional political/military perspe... Read more >

  • Ci siamo

    • By Guarnuccio, Claudio & Guarnuccio, Elio
    • Published 01/12/1996
    • ISBN 9781863911092
    • In stock
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    Ci siamo is a full-colour Italian beginner's course. The one-volume two-year course is suitable for beginners at middle to upper secondary level and adult beginners. The distinctive features of the course are the entertaining approach and the use of fotoromanzi and authentic material which provide ... Read more >

  • Composite Materials, Vol. II: Processing, Fabrication, and Applications

    • By Schwartz
    • Published 05/11/1996
    • ISBN 9780133000399
    • Available on demand (O)
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    This second volume on composite material fabrication, processing, and future reinforced composite material systems seeks to cover the vast field of materials and engineering. Postprocessing and manufacturing of composite materials is described, covering joining, machining, forming, drilling, ... Read more >

  • Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C (2e)

    • By Weiss, Mark A.
    • Published 09/09/1996
    • ISBN 9780201498400
    • Available on demand
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    Mark Allen Weiss' successful book provides a modern approach to algorithms and data structures using the C programming language. The book's conceptual presentation focuses on ADTs and the analysis of algorithms for efficiency, with a particular concentration on performance and running time. The seco... Read more >