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  • A Guide to Scientific Writing (2e)

    • By Lindsay, David
    • Published 28/09/1995
    • ISBN 9780582803121
    • Available on demand
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    This practical book takes the mystery out of scientific writing by taking students through the process in plain and clear language.  A Guide to Scientific Writing covers undergraduate writing tasks as well as preparing reviews and more advanced forms of scientific writing.

  • ANSI Common LISP

    • By Graham, Paul
    • Published 02/11/1995
    • ISBN 9780133708752
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For use as a core text supplement in any course covering common LISP such as Artificial Intelligence or Concepts of Programming Languages. Teaching students new and more powerful ways of thinking about programs, this text contains a tutorial—full of examples—that explains all the es... Read more >

  • Applications Programming in ANSI C (3e)

    • By Johnsonbaugh, Richard & Kalin, Martin
    • Published 26/12/1995
    • ISBN 9780023611414
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Appropriate for a one-term course focusing on C as a language for applications programming. The text takes a true introductory approach by assuming no prior programming experience in C or any other language.

  • Applied Mechanics (3e)

    • By Hannah, J. & Hillier, M.
    • Published 17/08/1995
    • ISBN 9780582256323
    • In stock
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    This fully revised and updated third edition introduces the basic principles of applied mechanics. The book brings together the principles of statistics and dynamics with regard to forces, thermo- and gas-dynamics and fluid flow.

  • Chemistry Pharmacy Life Sciences

    • By Thomas, Gareth
    • Published 22/11/1995
    • ISBN 9780131316997
    • In stock
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    Using a straightforward and broad approach this book incorporates both physical, inorganic and organic chemistry at degree level. It is divided into three sections, the first covering general chemical philosophy, the fundamental vocabulary and essential physical chemistry. The second section introdu... Read more >