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  • Agendas, Alternatives and Public Policies (2e)

    • By Kingdon, John
    • Published 17/06/2010
    • ISBN 9780205000869
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Kingdon’s landmark work on agenda setting and policy formation is drawn from interview conducted with people in and around the U.S. federal government, and from case studies, government documents, party platforms, press coverage, and public opinion surveys. While other works examine how policy... Read more >

  • American Foreign Policy in a New Era

    • By Snow & Haney
    • Published 08/02/2012
    • ISBN 9780205210244
    • In stock
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    Taking the contemporary challenges of globalization and hyper-partisanship as its starting point, American Foreign Policy in a New Era surveys how foreign policy is made and to what ends.   This brief text is not only a review of theory, history, actors, institutions, and key policies but als... Read more >

  • American Foreign Policy in a New Era eBook

    • By Snow & Haney
    • Published 29/01/2015
    • ISBN 9780205973767
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    Aust. customers with local credit card only

  • An Australian Introduction to International Relations

    • By Hubbard, Christopher
    • Published 02/08/2007
    • ISBN 9780733978937
    • Available on demand
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    For introductory courses in International Relations.   This text explains and illustrates the concepts, themes, theories, structures and practicalities of the International Relations discipline using examples and references which are most familiar to Australian students. In this way, it gives... Read more >

  • An Introduction to International Relations and Religion

    • By Haynes, Jeffrey
    • Published 19/03/2006
    • ISBN 9781405824743
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Not so very long ago it seemed reasonable to assert that the influence of religion on global politics was on the wane. As the Western world became increasingly secular and the process of globalisation deepened, it seemed inevitable - on the surface at least - that the voice of religion was to b... Read more >