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  • An Introduction to Crime and Criminology (4e)

    • By Hayes, Hennessey & Prenzler, Tim
    • Published 12/11/2014
    • ISBN 9781486003327
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    An Introduction to Crime & Criminology 4e, continues to bring together some of Australia’s most widely respected authorities on criminology. The text explores popular knowledge and understanding about crime, contrasting it with what we know about crime from official sources as well as from... Read more >

  • Cissp Cert Guide

    • By Troy McMillan / Robin Abernathy
    • Published 31/10/2013
    • ISBN 9780133448467
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    Aust. customers with local credit card only

  • Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: A Topical Approach (6e)

    • By Reichel
    • Published 10/06/2012
    • ISBN 9780132457521
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    For courses in comparative criminal justice systems, comparative criminology, and comparative government.   Designed to effectively explain the complexities of justice systems around the world, COMPARATIVE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS: A TOPICAL APPROACH, 6/e makes the comparative approach far mo... Read more >

  • Corporate Crime

    • By Slapper, Gary & Tombs, Steve
    • Published 27/01/1999
    • ISBN 9780582299801
    • Out of stock
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    'Like any great book, you read it and say: 'I think differently now'' Geoff Birch, BBC2 Book Review  'This is an important book which deserves careful reading and consideration'Occupational Safety and Health  'It is scholarly, deserves to be widely read and; is more than simply an aca... Read more >

  • Crime Prevention and Community Safety: Politics, Policies and Practices

    • By Crawford, Adam
    • Published 18/08/1998
    • ISBN 9780582294578
    • Out of stock
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    This text brings together the growing theoretical and empirical literature on crime prevention, providing the first accessible, comprehensive text on a subject which remains high on the public and political agenda. Outlining and evaluating the growing importance of crime prevention within the contem... Read more >