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  • Actor at Work, The (10e)

    • By Benedetti
    • Published 15/01/2008
    • ISBN 9780205542079
    • Out of stock
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    This edition marks the 40th Anniversary of this classic and comprehensive introduction to acting. With this new edition, Benedetti continues to provide students with wide-ranging insight into the techniques and demands of acting today. Centered on the concept of action, The Actor at Work covers all ... Read more >

  • Actor In You: Twelve Simple Steps to Understanding the Art of Acting, The (6e)

    • By Benedetti
    • Published 25/02/2014
    • ISBN 9780205914906
    • Available on demand
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    Explore the fundamentals of acting   The Actor in You presents a thorough and systematic exposure to the fundamentals of the acting process in simple, direct language and a streamlined structure.  This title draws on exercises and examples from students’ everyday lives, well-kno... Read more >

  • Argumentation and Critical Decision Making (8e)

    • By Rieke & Sillars
    • Published 15/02/2012
    • ISBN 9780205210596
    • Out of stock
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    The first and most thoroughly developed audience-oriented argumentation text, Argumentation and Critical Decision Making presents argumentation as a cooperative, communicative process.   This text examines the general principles of argument in a rigorous yet readable manner and then applies ... Read more >

  • Basics of Communication Studies (2e)

    • By Mclean
    • Published 18/11/2011
    • ISBN 9780205190225
    • Out of stock
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    This clear, concise and low-cost text presents the basic concepts, terms, and theories, of human communication in a brief, easy-to-read format.   The Basics of Communication Studies introduces students to human communication in a clear, concise, and engaging way.  This updated text ... Read more >

  • Basics of Interpersonal Communication, The

    • By McLean, Scott
    • Published 22/06/2004
    • ISBN 9780205401987
    • In stock
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    The Basics of Interpersonal Communication  is a clear, concise, and engaging text that provides a comprehensive introduction to the field in a low cost format! The Basics of Speech Communication is a low cost, clear and concise introduction to the basics of interpersonal... Read more >