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DRA2 for Years K-3 (2e)

By Joetta Beaver
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The research-based and validated Developmental Reading Assessment K-3 by Joetta Beaver and Primary Classroom Teachers helps you pinpoint students' strengths and abilities as readers in a quick, one-on-one conference.

Now in its second edition, DRA2 for grades K-3 has added a fluency component that provides a WPM fluency rate, streamlines the assessment for easier use, and includes several new and revised Benchmark Books, a revised Teacher Guide, a simplified Focus for Instruction, and Continuums to match each assessment text incorporated in the Teacher Observation Guides. In addition, this package also includes Word Analysis to help you assess 40 important skills in the areas of Phonological Awareness, Metalanguage, Letter/Word Recognition, Phonics, and Structural Analysis and Syllabication.

Includes DRA2 K-3 Comprehensive Package:

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • 1 set of 23 grades K-1 Benchmark Books
  • 3 sets of 22 grades 2-4 Benchmark Books
  • Spiral-bound Blackline Masters Book
  • Blackline Masters CD (with PDFs)
  • Laminated Assessment Procedures Overview Card with a Record of Oral Reading Guidelines
  • Training DVD
  • Timing Calculation Clipboard
  • DRA Word Analysis (including a Teacher’s Guide; Student Assessment Book; and Training DVD)
  • Organizer with hanging folders
  • 30 Student Assessment Folders

PLUS DRA2 Progress Monitoring Assessment:

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • CD-ROM (95 levelled passages and Blackline Masters)
  • 16 Instructional Routine Cards
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Features & benefits

Give educators the tools they need to observe and document student reading abilities as well as inform instructional practice.

  • Determine each student’s independent (or instructional) level with an evaluation of three components of reading: reading engagement, oral reading fluency, and comprehension
  • Quickly determine student’s instructional needs with the completed Continuum. Based on those needs, teachers create a plan documenting what each student needs to learn next with the Focus for Instruction. Once the assessment is complete, teachers can used this information to differentiate instruction and create instructional groups.
  • Obtain more in-depth information with DRA Word Analysis, included with DRA2 K-3. This diagnostic assessment provides educators with a systematic means to observe how struggling and emerging readers attend to and work with various components of spoken and written words.
Author biography

With a bachelor of science in elementary education and master's degree in reading from The Ohio State University, Joetta Beaver worked as an elementary teacher (K-5) for 30 years, as well as a K-5 Language Arts/Assessment coordinator and an Early Education teacher-leader. She is the primary author of DRA2 K-3, co-author of DRA2 4-8 and Developing Writer's Assessment (DWA), consultant, and speaker.

Series overview
Assessment that drives success!

DRA2 is a proven diagnostic assessment that provides teachers with recommendations for scaffolded support to increase student reading proficiency. DRA2 is supported by sound validity and reliability analyses.
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