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  • Psychology (6e)

    • By Martin, G. Neil & Carlson, Neil R.
    • Published 07/09/2018
    • ISBN 9781292090580
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    Psychology is the internationally best-selling introduction to one of the world’s most exciting sciences. This popular text explores every major branch in the field, allowing students to discover classic and contemporary topics, theories and applications. A range of engaging pedagogical featu... Read more >

  • Social Psychology, Global Edition (14e)

    • By Branscombe, Nyla & Baron, Robert
    • Published 14/12/2016
    • ISBN 9781292159096
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    For courses in Social Psychology Social Psychology, Fourteenth Edition retains the hallmark of its past success: up-to-date coverage of the quickly evolving subject matter written in a lively manner that has been embraced by thousands of students around the world. Authors Nyla Branscombe and Robe... Read more >

  • Physiology of Behavior, Global Edition (12e)

    • By Carlson, Neil et al
    • Published 13/06/2016
    • ISBN 9781292158105
    • In stock
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    For courses in Physiological/Biopsychology Physiology of Behavior provides a scholarly yet accessible portrait of the dynamic interaction between biology and behaviour. Lead author Neil Carlson and new co-author Melissa Birkett drew upon their experience teaching and working with students to crea... Read more >

  • Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World (10e)

    • By Nevid & Rathus
    • Published 04/01/2017
    • ISBN 9780134484921
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For courses in Abnormal Psychology Put a human face on the study of abnormal psychologyAbnormal Psychology in a Changing World makes complex abnormal psychology concepts accessible and stimulating to students. Authors Jeffrey Nevid, Spencer Rathus, and Beverly Greene present illustrative case e... Read more >
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  • Social Psychology, Global Edition (9e)

    • By Aronson, Elliot et al
    • Published 16/10/2017
    • ISBN 9781292186542
    • In stock
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    For courses in Social Psychology Make research relevant through a storytelling approach. Social Psychology introduces the key concepts of the field through an acclaimed storytelling approach that makes research relevant to students. Drawing upon their extensive experience as researchers and... Read more >

  • Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding (2e)

    • By Lilienfeld, Scott et al
    • Published 08/10/2014
    • ISBN 9781486006786
    • In stock
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    Revel. A reimagined way to learn and study.  Psychology is available in Revel, our new digital environment designed for the way today's students read, think, and learn.  Discover more about Revel. Psychology: from inquiry to understanding 2e continues its commitment to emphasis... Read more >

  • Developmental and Biological Psychology (Custom Edition) (2e)

    • By Feldman, Robert S.
    • Published 01/12/2017
    • ISBN 9781488623042
    • Available on demand
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    This custom edition is published exclusively for Monash University. It is compiled from the following texts: Introduction to Biopsychology, Global Edition (10e) Development Across the Life Span, Global Edition (8e)