At Pearson we take learning personally. We believe education is for everyone, and we provide the tools for people to learn: whatever their age, wherever they are, in whatever fashion they choose.


Putting our learning into practice

With our wealth of experience in the Australian vocational market, we can offer you:

  • Quality Australian content for over 11 AQTF Training Packages
  • Industry-leading resources, including winners of Australian Publishing Association Awards
  • Experienced authors, most with both industry and vocational teaching experience
  • Helpful instructor resources to reduce class preparation time
  • More than just great texts. We also provide content delivery platforms and elearning solutions.


If you thought learning was always found in a book, open your mind

We believe in the power of technology and its ability to transform the learning experience. We are constantly developing new technologies for the Vocational market:

  • Pearson eTexts allow teachers to add notes and links for students as well as hide and re-order chapters to fit their course
  • Online interactive scenarios allow students to make decisions and see the outcome of their actions


Let us prove it!

We provide expert assistance to help you find the best solution for your course:

If you need a fast response during business hours, the VET Hotline is available on free call 1800 838 123 or email

Contact us for your Vocational needs, whether it be for teaching or learning, course content or delivery. Every day all over the world our products and services help learning flourish, and wherever learning flourishes, so do people.