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Contemporary Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing: Partnerships in Care

Moxham et al

Authoritative and comprehensive, Contemporary Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing is the text nursing needs. Offering a fully integrated perspective, it was written by esteemed nursing professionals and features the lived experience of people with mental illness.

What's inside?

  • Personal mental health journeys of consumers in ‘Lived Experience’ features
  • Communication boxes offer sample dialogues between nurses and clients to help students with authentic intervention and interaction
  • Personal stories of people working in mental health nursing
  • ‘Evidence-based Practice’ boxes show how research evidence shapes care plans
  • ‘Your Assessment Approach’ and ‘Your Intervention Strategies’ present clinically relevant strategies in a user-friendly format Available formats: print, eBook.
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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

View our video interview with Lorna Moxham

Kozier and Erb’s Fundamentals of Nursing, 4th Australian Edition

Kozier and Erb et al

This edition continues a focus on three core philosophies: person-centred care, critical thinking and clinical reasoning, and cultural safety. It’s these three philosophical foundations that provide the bedrock of each chapter. With an evidence-based approach, students will develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning.

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What's inside?

  • Updated content on topics including disability, health policy legislation, Indigenous
  • Updated research notes and real-world features to reflect contemporary Australian and New Zealand research and clinician stories
  • Australian culture and health, and person-centred care
  • New and updated contemporary references to support the latest information
  • New links to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and practical examples of application
  • References to NANDA-I have been removed and nursing diagnoses are clearly explained
  • Available formats: print, eBook, MyLab.
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Fundamentals Of Nursing

Skills in Clinical Nursing

Berman et al

The first Australian edition of Skills in Clinical Nursing is a definitive resource, designed with a practical approach to grow confidence and competence in clinical practice. It’s a visual resource that will help nurses achieve competency in the most relevant skills performed in clinical practice, aligned to the NMBA standards for professional practice.

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What's inside?

  • 95 of the most important skills performed by nursing students and graduates, organised from simple to complex and written to reflect current evidence-based practice guidelines
  • Concise introductory information with clear learning outcomes and key terms
  • Background information that contextualises skills and provides a brief overview of relevant anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology
  • Clinical Safety Alerts highlight key patient safety issues relevant to the performance of skills
  • Clinical Scenarios link student learning to a relevant clinical story, designed to promote person-centred care and clinical reasoning skills
  • Critical steps are visually represented with full colour photos and illustrations
  • Available formats: print and eBook.
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Skills in Clinical Nursing

Clinical Reasoning: Learning the think like a nurse, 2nd Edition


Using a series of authentic scenarios, Clinical Reasoning, 2nd Edition guides students through the clinical reasoning process while challenging them to think critically about the nursing care they provide.

What's inside?

  • Clinical Reasoning Model - reinforces the stages and the cyclical nature of clinical reasoning
  • New chapters on sepsis, acute psychotic episodes, and disability
  • Learning outcomes outline achievements of each chapter
  • Key concepts build skills and deeper understanding
  • Advanced organisers enhance understanding and recall
  • Questions provide opportunities to test knowledge, make mistakes, and learn
  • ‘Something to think about’ boxes highlight important points
  • Guided reflection questions encourage critical and creative thinking about provided scenarios
  • Available formats: print, eBook, MyLab.
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Clinical Reasoning

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