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Accounting for Business Students

Atrill, McLaney, and Harvey

With a focus on engagement and relevance Accounting for Business Students offers technical depth with the inclusion of business transactions and accounting systems and internal control plus business-related examples and cases.

What's inside?

  • Learning objectives listed at the beginning of each chapter explain the key concepts that students should understand plus end-of-chapter questions are also keyed to the objectives
  • ‘Concept Check’ questions provide students with a quick check of their understanding of the learning objective
  • ‘Accounting and You’ boxes help students see the relevance of accounting concepts to their everyday life
  • In-chapter activities test comprehension of the material and links to topics already covered or still to be covered
  • Available in print, eBook and Revel
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Atrill for Business Students

Accounting for Non-Specialists, 7th Edition

Atrill, McLaney, and Harvey

With a focus on engagement and relevance Accounting for Non-Specialists demonstrates the practical application of accounting concepts in decision-making without the technical detail.

What's inside?

    • NEW! ‘Concept Check’ questions provide a quick understanding check of the learning objective
    • Updated real-world examples make accounting relevant to the student
    • Updated ‘Accounting and You’ sections aim to bring accounting back to issues that affect everyday life
    • Updated Application Exercises to consolidate understanding of topics
    • Available in print, eBook and Revel
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Atrill Accounting for non specialists

Horngren’s Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis, 3rd Edition

Horngren, Datar, Rajan, Maguire, and Tan

With a contemporary, global focus and Australian examples, the new edition of Horngren’s Cost Accounting prepares students for a rewarding and challenging professional accounting career.

What's inside?

  • Featuring a modular table of contents, the text is designed for flexible use. Use all 21 chapters for a two-semester course or base a one-semester course on the first 13 chapters, with the opportunity to add chapters as required
  • Learning objectives, decision points, decision-making framework, and interactive questions help students prepare, learn, and apply concepts
  • New and revised end-of-chapter questions, exercises, and problems
  • New in MyLab Accounting: Excel Projects - the easy way to assign and auto-grade real-world Excel homework, check competence, and prepare students for the workplace
  • Available in print, eBook and MyLab
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Horngrens cost accounting

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