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Reader+ the next generation eBook.

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Introducing Reader+

Easy to use and reliable, Reader+ gives you access to the eBook version of your Student Book as well as bonus multimedia content.

Accessible anywheres

Accessible anywhere

Reader+ is built to work both online and offline making content readily available anytime, anywhere in every school


Enhancing student learning

Students can quickly navigate through their eBooks, read them, take notes and save bookmarks. Integrated multimedia (audio/video) and interactive activities enhance and extend the learning experience.

Explore Reader+

Interactive learning for students

  • Read the student book with bonus multimedia content.
  • Interact with videos, audio and quizzes.
  • Highlight key passages making revision easy.
  • Take notes that can be updated and deleted.
  • Record voice notes.
  • Bookmark pages for easy reference. 
Reader Plus

Collaborative and easy to use

  • Access teacher and student notes in one place across multiple titles. 
  • Full text search.
  • Synchronise state and data across multiple devices even when you're offline
  • Use multiple synced devices: Android smartphone/tablet, iPhone/iPad, Web, Desktop (PC/Mac/Linux).

Saving teachers time

The Teacher Reader+ unlocks content available to educators only.*

This content can include:

  • teaching programs
  • worksheets answers
  • tests and more.

*Extra teacher content available with selected series only. Unlocked educator content can also be accessed via Pearson Places.

Reader Plus
Reader Plus

Why we’ve moved to Reader+?

The way the world learns is changing rapidly as technology evolves and education becomes global, digital and personalised.

We are migrating our eBook Reader application to a future proof, robust application aimed to deliver a more stable, reliable reading experience.


What can you expect?

We are converting all existing titles to HTML5. All existing titles will be migrated to HTML5, and the eBook 3.0 application will be fully retired in 2018.

Reader+ is a stable, future proof, device agnostic eBook reader application. It allows you to access content on the go (You can now use your tablet, laptop or mobile device to read and interact with your eBooks). Supports HTML5.

Reader Plus
Reader Plus

Which series have Reader+?

Reader+ is the most recent application we’ve added to our digital portfolio. Here’s the full list of series that come with access to our next generation eBook: