With Pearson Reader 2.0
 you will benefit from an enhanced interface with embedded, tracked assessment that gives you interactive access to questions from the student book and activity book, designed specifically to improve student outcomes.

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You can collaborate with your class and add your own notes to enrich your student book content. Add notes for you class to any section of the student book - unit, or chapter - tagged in context. Students can also create their own notes and highlight areas of the text to help them study.

You can also add links to any destination on the internet, and link to files online.


The major benefit of Pearson Reader 2.0 is the in-built assessment. We've added content from our activity books to bring you interactive questions with each chapter and unit, that are automatically assessed. You'll find:
  • Built-in auto-correcting assessment, including all questions from the student books and most activities from the activity books
  • Teacher dashboard - teachers can view student results at a glance and provide graded, written or recorded voice feedback
  • Voice record feature - students can record an answer and teachers can provide recorded voice feedback.
Assessment in Pearson Reader 2.0


You'll also find links to a range of resources, such as online video, audio, interactive lessons, worksheets, case studies, weblinks and more, designed to save teachers time and to present content in a way that optimises student learning.

And teachers will find teaching resources for every chapter, such as interactive lessons and worksheets.
Pearson Reader 2.0
is available online and also comes with an offline backup - Pearson eBook 3.0 - so you can access the student book content digitally from anywhere.