Pearson Places is the container that holds all the digital learning and teaching resources for Pearson.

With Pearson Places, you gain access to subject Places. Places are organised by subject such as the Maths Place, Science Place, English Place and History Place. Each place contains a range of Australian interactive material suitable for use in class on IWBs, PCs/Macs or laptops.

It is also the place to find Pearson Reader and Pearson eBook, Student ProductLink, Teacher ProductLinks, digital activities and much more.

You can even personalise it with My Place, a fantastic online tool that helps you to organise your day. Gain free access to your own personalised page with quick links to access the products you've purchased through the Pearson Passport function, as well as widgets for managing your class.

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How much is it for all this content?

Pearson Places is now FREE for anyone who has purchased a Pearson Reader

If you want Pearson Places on its own or you would like to discuss your options, please contact Customer Care:

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Student ProductLink

Registered students can access all student resources associated with your Pearson student book for free.

To see the Student ProductLink click here.

Teacher ProductLink

Registered teachers can access all teacher material associated with your Pearson student book for free.

To see the Teacher ProductLink click here.