Pearson eBook 3.0 takes your student book online or offline for any device, while retaining the integrity of the printed page. With access to linked interactive activities when they're online, your students will be engaged at school and at home.

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Product features

  • Available online or offline on any device - PC/Mac, Android tablet and iPad
  • Faithful to the layout of the student book, so you can reference the printed page and direct students straight to content
  • Links to student activities, such as quizzes, drag-and-drop activities, crosswords and more
  • Links to teacher resources for every chapter, such as worksheets, quizzes and more.

Navigating through Pearson eBook 3.0

Learn the basics of how to navigate through Pearson eBook 3.0

Explore the features of the controls

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Access anywhere

Our research with Australian schools shows access is the common issue across all types of schools - no matter their technological infrastructure. That's why we've made Pearson eBook available online, offline, and for any device - iPad, Android Tablet, PC, Mac and IWB.

(Note - Pearson eBook 3.0 is not compatible with smartphones as it does not deliver an ideal learning experience).

Navigate more easily

Pearson eBook 3.0 looks like the printed book, so it's easy to reference page numbers and 'turn' to the page for quicker start of class. But in addition to this - the interface is so easy to use. The navigation pane shows which unit and chapter you're looking at, and the resources pane shows you interactive student and teacher resources for the chapter and page.


You can bookmark pages, add notes, highlight text. Pearson eBook 3.0 even remembers your previously visited pages so you can quickly go back to sections of the text you were using.
(Note: Notes and highlighting are stored in the local computers cache and do not transfer across multiple computers.)

Play and learn

There are so many interactive activities, quizzes, crosswords, drag-and-drops, videos and more to help engage your students and teach them more creatively. Teachers will also have access to a huge range of teachers resources to support classroom teaching.