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Pearson Lightbook - illuminate your mind

All your print resources into one next-generation digital learning platform 

Pearson Lightbook is a next-generation digital learning resource. By seamlessly integrating multiple traditional classroom resources with dynamic content, engaging videos and interactive learning opportunities, Pearson Lightbook helps you to not just teach the curriculum, but to bring it to life in the classroom. Whether you're seeking to scaffold independent learning among your students or adapt your resource to your preferred teaching methods, the digital nature of Pearson Lightbook gives you the flexibility to deliver personalised learning.


       Mark White, Head of Mathematics, Rossmoyne Senior High School, WA


5 things to know about Pearson Lightbook


Combines traditional classroom textbook elements into one, state-of-the-art digital learning resource. Read more >


Optimised balance between videos, images, visualisations, text and graphs to strengthen how a concept is learnt. Read more >


Formative assessment opportunities integrated throughout to better assess students’ understanding of fundamental concepts. Read more >


Created for the VCE 2016-2017 Chemistry and Physics Study Designs and the WACE ATAR Syllabus. Read more >


Research-based approach, aligned with John Hattie's work. Read more >

 Pearson Lightbook is not for individual sale and must be purchased as part of a class adoption.

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