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     YEARS 7-10

Pearson Lightbook Starter is an innovative digital resource powered by Pearson's award-winning Lightbook technology and developed to help students learn key scientific concepts, assess their understanding and track their progress. It assesses the learners readiness prior to tackling chapters and it also assesses their understanding with post-chapter assessment via the auto-correcting questions linked to the progress tracker dashboard.


Lightbook Starter is available for Pearson Science 7-10 second edition, and Pearson Mathematics 7-10 second edition.


The content in Lightbook Starter is mapped to each Student Book chapter as well as to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and 2017 Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics syllabus content descriptions, as well as Science and the 2017 Victorian curriculum descriptors and elaborations.


Key features of Lightbook Starter

Questions Check-questions

The ‘Before you begin’ sections include:

  • A brief introduction to the concept being covered.
  • Examples of the concept being taught.
  • Practice questions which assess the learners prior knowledge and skills which are relevant to content in the upcoming chapter. It also helps learners recall and activate their prior knowledge.
  • See at a glance which answers are correct, incorrect, complete (but not marked) and incomplete in the progress tracker.

Section check-in questions

The ‘Section check-in questions’ are designed to check the understanding of learners after completing a topic. Each module in every chapter has a short assessment of learning outcomes. These assessments use auto-correcting questions which are linked to the progress tracker.

The Section check-in questions can be used as a short quiz after each lesson or as preparation for summative assessment at the end of the chapter. See at a glance which answers are correct, incorrect, complete (but not marked) and incomplete in the progress tracker.  

Track and assess progress

The Progress Tracker is a dashboard for students and the teacher to review progress on all auto-correcting exercises, with the ability to give written or verbal feedback to the student. It gives students a digital record of their progress and achievement on questions and exercises which is tracked and stored for both the teacher and student to access. It provides formative feedback on student and class progress and can act as a valuable diagnostic or summative assessment tool - for teachers to review an individual or class at a point in time.

  • Aims to accelerate learning with formative, summative and diagnostic feedback. 
  • Access for both students and teachers. 
  • Teachers can view by class or individual student. 
  • View individual activities. 
  • View activities that require teacher action (to mark or give feedback). 
  • Lightbook Starter is easily accessible through Pearson Places or Reader+, the digital version of the Student Book.

Explore Lightbook

Explore Lightbook for Years 11&12 


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