We have launched a ground-breaking suite of digital products that will change the way students learn and teachers teach, with rich content accessible online or offline in any school environment. They're specifically designed to save you time and engage students in the best way possible.

Reader+ the next generation eBook

Students can quickly navigate through their eBooks, read them, take notes and save bookmarks. Integrated multimedia (audio/video) and interactive activities enhance and extend the learning experience.

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Pearson Lightbook

By seamlessly integrating multiple traditional classroom resources with dynamic content, engaging videos and interactive learning opportunities, Pearson Lightbook helps you to not just teach the curriculum, but to bring it to life in the classroom. 

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Lightbook Starter

Pearson Lightbook Starter is an innovative digital resource powered by Pearson's award-winning Lightbook technology and developed to help students learn key scientific concepts, assess their understanding and track their progress.

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Pearson Places

Pearson Places is the website that contains all the digital learning and teaching resources for secondary products.

It is also the place to find eBooks, Reader+, Pearson Lightbook and Lightbook Starter.

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