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We have launched a ground-breaking suite of digital products that will change the way students learn and teachers teach, with rich content accessible online or offline in any school environment. They're specifically designed to save you time and engage students in the best way possible.

We've researched with schools, teachers and digital learning experts

Our research into Australian schools has shown a huge demand for assessment solutions to help grade students studying the Australian Curriculum. Students complete assessment questions online, and the results are automatically collected, marked and collated for the teacher. And it's all based on the excellent Australian Curriculum content we've developed from the ground up that many schools are already using.

Designed to save you teaching and planning time

Best of all, it saves hours and hours of planning, setting tests and assigning homework, and marking. Questions are marked automatically, teacher feedback functionality is built in, and reports can easily be printed out, great for parent-teacher interviews.

Digital Product Partners

There are a variety of ways you can engage with Pearson Australian Curriculum products, through a number of digital partners:

Apple iBooks
Better Books
Campion MyConnect
Endeavour Education
Five Senses Education
Lamont Books
Lilydale Books