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A world of learning at your fingertips


Engage and inspire your students with our range of 7-12 VIC resources. Our comprehensive suite includes renowned products across science and maths, as well as a brand new humanities series, all tailored to the Australian and Victorian curricula.

With a blended approach to learning and teaching through print and digital resources, a world of learning is at your fingertips.


Pearson Science 7-10 2nd Edition
Pearson Science 7-10
, 2nd Edition

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Pearson Mathematics 7-10 2nd Edition

Pearson Mathematics 7-10, 2nd Edition

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Pearson Humanities Victoria 7-10
Pearson Humanities Victoria 7-10

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Lightbook Starter and Reader+

Want more digital flexibility in your teaching? Our maths, science and humanities series for years 7-10 include our digital offerings Lightbook Starter and Reader+.

Lightbook Starter is a digital resource developed to help students consolidate key concepts, assess their understanding and track their progress. Reader+ is a digital version of student books, available for both online and offline use.

Lightbook Starter
Teacher resources

Teacher resources

With each series written by expert author teams, these are teacher resources you can trust. Get the extra support you need with:

  • Teacher guides in both print and digital forms
  • Wide variety of interactive lessons, videos, tests and worksheets to help make it easier for classroom planning

Our mapping and planning documents will help you meet both Australian and Victorian Curricula.


Interested in other student resources?

Check these ones out for languages and senior science

A range of language series for years 7-12

A range of language series for years 7-12

We offer a variety of 7-12 language resources, all aligned to the VCE curriculum. Browse through resources for Japanese, Italian, French, Chinese and Indonesian.

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Explore more about Heinemann senior science

Heinemann Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Our trusted biology, chemistry and physics senior resources are fully aligned with the 2016-2021 VCE Science Study Design. Get the digital flexibility you need with our Lightbook and Reader+ digital resources.

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